NECA Toys Universal Monsters The Wolf Man (In-Color) Figure Review


NECA continues their Universal Monsters line with The Wolf Man, who is inspired from the 1941 classic film starring Lon Chaney in one of his most memorable roles. The Wolf Man is one of the most memorable horror films of all-time, considering the special effects and strong story telling during its time, and this figure captures the likeness exceptionally well. The Wolf Man includes interchangeable heads, hands, legs, an animal trap, a wolf cane and a stand.


Thank you to Fun for sending along NECA’s Universal Monsters The Wolf Man figure for review. 

Availability: March 2022

The Wolf Man is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with artwork inspired from the original movie poster on the front, images of the figure on the sides, and additional images on the back along with a list of the accessories at the bottom.


The Wolf Man is inspired from the 1941 classic film and features the likeness of Actor Lon Chaney. He comes in a dark green shirt with metallic deco, and a black wash over it, beige pants also with a black wash over it, a brown belt and metallic silver belt buckle. The clothing is nicely done and they have captured the likeness extremely well with the sculpt and deco, with sculpted wrinkles and realistic likeness.


All three of the head sculpts look phenomenal and pay a great likeness to the actor. The two Wolf Man heads include sculpted hair with a texture, and nicely done facial details representing the wolf likeness as seen in the film, with the attention to detail on the mouth, eyes and nose. The ears are on the sides with hair all around it. The human head also has a great likeness, and also given sculpted textures on the hair, and nicely done facial details representing the actors likeness.

NECA has been nailing these likenesses for many years now and getting these Universal Monsters figures is long overdue, and now we are one step closer to a complete set with the Wolf Man. The accessories are equally as impressive as the figure, and he includes three alternate human hands (2 open and 1 open grip), a cane, a bear trap, and a black base.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, ball joined hips, swivel-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and rocker ankles.


The cane is nicely done and includes a wolf head on top, with metallic silver and gold deco, and a black handle. The bear trap is even better, with even better deco and an overall likeness that makes it look realistic. The trap opens and closes manually and there is a lip on the side to hold one of the sides closed. When stepping on the platform, nothing happens as there is no gimmick on this, but the joints allow you to move it and this is surely a fun accessories.

The small black base is required for the Wolf feet to help him stand, given at how the bottoms of those are sculpted he has trouble standing without it. The human feet do not have this problem.

Overall, NECA continues to do such a great job on everything they offer, including their Universal Monsters line The Wolf Man is so well detailed that he looks like he just walked right out of the screen. The incredible detail, especially the likeness and deco makes this one of the best Wolf Man figures ever released, especially from the 1941 film. Fans will surely want to add this one to your collection!