Super7 – Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Figures Available Now


Super7’s newly released Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Figures are available now are in-stock now at Entertainment Earth for $54.99 each. Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Bombshell are all in-stock and Banzai-Tron is set to ship in July 2022. You can order these figures now by clicking HERE!

Any order $39+ will get free shipping with the code: SPRINGFREE22

These are non-transformable, stylized figures with a few points of articulation, which appears to be just in the head and arms. Each figure also comes with an assortment of accessories that are inspired from the Generation One cartoon of the 1980’s. Included in this wave is Optimus Prime, Starscream, Banzai-Tron, and Bombshell.

Ultimates! details matter, and the more the merrier. That’s why the Ultimates are made-to-order figures that come with a huge assortment of extra features—making them the most exceptionally intricate expressions of the character that we can possibly make, no matter how many extra faces it takes to get there.

  • Optimus Prime figure
    • 2 Head sculpts
    • 3 Pairs of hands
    • Axe
    • Matrix of Leadership
    • Jetpack
    • Blaster
    • Basketball
    • Surf bord
    • Spike Witwicky figure
    • Energon binder
  • Ghost of Starscream figure
    • 3 Head sculpts
    • 3 Pairs of hands
  • Banzai-Tron figure
    • 3 Pairs of hands
    • Blaster
    • Razor-Sharp
  • Bombshell figure
    • 3 Pairs of hands
    • Blaster
    • Short Burst Stinger Rifle
    • Needler