NECA Toys Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Prowler & Runner Alien Figures Review


NECA Toys are offering Alien Xenomorph figures based o the game Aliens: Fireteam Elite, which pits humans against Xenomorphs in a desperate fight to survive the hive. This game introduces new Xenomorphs, including Prowler, Runner, which are part of series 1, and Burster Alien and Spitter Alien, which are part of series 2. The first wave is available now, and these sculpts are extremely impressive and unique to another Alien Xenomorph figure that the company has ever released.

NECA are known to fans for their Aliens, Predator and horror iconic figures even years before they acquired other licenses and brands such as TMNT, Gargoyles and a number of other franchises. These Alien: Fireteam Elite figures take it back to the root of what makes this company so appealing, as these are something new and visually appealing to both long-time and new fans jumping on board the line.

Thank you to NECA for sending along their Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Prowler & Runner Alien Figures for review. 

Availability: July 2022

Both figures are packaging in a window box, with artwork and images inspired from the game on the front, sides, and the back includes images of the figures, along with series 2 and a description.

Both figures are given the skeletal structure sculpts that we’ve seen from the Alien line since the beginning, with brand new sculpts, paint washes and all that great detail that you’re used too in the Alien offerings. The bodies of both Prowler and Runner are the same, including the bendy tails, and each is given their own unique color, and a brand new head sculpt with different foreheads.


Prowler is cast in black with a red wash over it, which you see best on the head, body, tail and upper legs. He also has metallic silver nails, teeth, and the forehead is given a unique pattern and design that gives the character a unique look not seen before.


Runner is cast in black, with a light brown wash, which you see throughout the head and body, along with painted metallic silver nails and teeth. What also sets this character apart is the forehead design, which is underneath a non-removable clear done, which is something we have seen many times before. The forehead pattern on each of the figures are unique, but for Runner it’s smaller than Prowler’s and the dome wraps around the back of the head and covers mostly the top, and leaves the sides exposed.

Both of the facial details are nicely done, and the tongues are able to pop out, although they don’t extend too far, which was actually surprising conspiring Ultimate Big Chap’s tongue.

The articulation for the figures are the same, and it’s also easier to pose these figures on all fours compared to other Alien figures. Each includes a swivel hinged head, hinged jaw, ball jointed torso, ball jointed hips x4, swivel-hinged front knees x2, double-hinged back knees x2, swivel-hinged back knees x2, swivel-hinged front ankles x2, hinged back ankles x2. The tail is bendy and the tip has a blade that is nicely designed.

Overall, Alien collectors are surely going to add these two figures to your collection as they offer some of the best Alien sculpts i’ve seen in years and are ultimately awesome looking figures. Make sure to grab these along with series 2 now!


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