SDCC 2022 – Mattel Hot Wheels Exclusives Review

This years San Diego Comic-Con saw some new exclusive Hot Wheels sets from some of the hottest brands, including Marvel, Star Wars, Super Mario and Knight Rider. Showcased in this review for this years event are the following sets:

  • Hot Wheels Mario Kart Pink Gold Peach Collectible Vehicle
  • Hot Wheels Marvel Ghost Rider & Motorcycle
  • Hot Wheels Knight Rider K.I.T.T.
  • Hot Wheels Star Wars Razor Crest Starship

Each of these are packaged in exclusive convention packaging and is all resealable, so there is no need this time around to cut around a blister card.

Thank you to Mattel for sending along their Hot Wheels sets for review. 

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con,  July 22, 2022 at Mattel Creations

The comic-con packaging is also awesome as the teams really go all out with not only the product itself, but the presentation just to make it look even more appealing to fans. Each of these ship in a box with logo’s and artwork, and inside are additional packaging that you can check out in the gallery.

Knight Rider’s packaging continues with a box with artwork, and you can separate both halves to reveal an acrylic display with the Knight Rider logo below it, and inside if none other than K.I.T.T. This classic 80’s Hot Wheels vehicle features working LED Anamorphic Equalizer, with given the small size of this is a great feature for this offering.


Princess Peach comes in a window box, with artwork behind her, along with a description and logo’s on the back. The vehicle itself is a repaint from the regular release, with rose gold and metallic pink deco and some excellent details. She also has her crown logo on the front, and gold rims on the tires. The vehicle she is seated in is from Mario Kart, a racing game feating many of Super Mario’s characters.



Ghost Rider comes in his 1st appearance likeness in 1972, and is packaged on a retro-inspired comic book packaging, with a window with him poking through the cover. It also includes nicely done artwork, images, and a description on the back. The vehicle itself is nicely painted, and Ghost Rider comes in his black and blue outfit, with flames coming out the back and top of his head. He sits on his motorcycle, which is mostly grey and dark blue, with black tires and a white stripe.

The Razor Crest’s packaging is a bit more complex than these other releases, and starts off with a Camtono Case inspired packaging, with a cover that flips downward to reveal the Razor Crest inside. Below it, you can remove the metal piece to reveal the stand and base hidden inside, and the base is inside the rectangular box that you pull out.



The Razor Crest itself is repainted from the standard release, and in metallic silver deco, while keeping all of this great details in such a small size. This deco is inspired from the Beskar metal, which is an impenetrable steel that became rare and valuable after the Fall of the Empire as stated on The Mandalorian. At the bottom of the Razor Crest, there is a hole to place the stand’s ball joint into, so you can move it around a bit on the joint.

Overall, Mattel’s Hot Wheels team have outdone themselves with this years offerings, especially the packaging that just really makes these small vehicles pop out even more in the eyes of comic-con goers. Of course, K.I.T.T. is probably the best offering given those LED lights, which is something new to this scale.


Mattel Creations (all sold out)