Power-Con 2022 – NECA Toys Panel Coverage

NECA Toys is appearing at Power-Con this weekend, and have offered a panel at this years event. Below is a breakdown of what’s been shown. Check out yesterday’s booth coverage, and check back later for a video walkthrough of the booth.

NECA products are available on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore, Things From Another World, Zavvi – U.S./Canada and Zavvi – U.K.

SDCC recap, which is the focus of this panel. What is new for this show is the MOTU masks.

SDCC exclusives did great. Pre-Orders from May are shipping now. A flash sale is possible if there is quantity remaining.

Universal Monsters – Accessory Packs (Dracula and Frankenstein), Dracula, Creature of the Black Lagoon, a new diorama was shown

Toony Terrors – wave 7, Killer Klowns from Outter Space, Wolfman, They Live Alien

The Munsters (Rob Zombie) – Herman, Count (Herman was shown and first-time people see him)

Bride of Chucky dolls – shipping soon, it’s been a 3 year process

The Thing 1982 – Monster pack with Interchangeable accessories

Predator – Prey (movie on Hulu) action figures are coming

Predator 2 – finishing the Lost Tribe (pre-orders for 2 figures are up now)

Gremlins – Figures up for pre-order

E.T. – 3 Ultimates and 2 Deluxe ( light-up chest, Elliot on bike) Figures up for pre-order

Secret Headquarters

Gargoyles – Demona comes with swap-out wings, Angela comes with a baby, Xanatos and others

Back to the Future figures are still coming, line is not cancelled.

Dinosaurs (90’s) – Sinclaire and baby,

Dungeons & Dragons

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Lots of new figures shown. Dio’s are coming (not crowdfunded). First up for pre-order likely in September. Works with the TMNT building diorama

MOTU Masks – Masks are going to retailers, so you can get them without the signatures – $50-$60 each


They Live (Toony Terrors) – Roddy Piper is possible

TMNT Classic Cartoon – a new April O’Neil figure is coming. Ultimate Edition offering, new heads, new body, accessories

TMNT re-issues are coming if you missed out on the first releases. Don’t go to eBay

Little Shop of Horrors – Randy is hoping for this

Universal Monsters – NECA is focusing on the classics first, but could do something that came later

Lootcrate TMNT exclusives – Figures won’t be available outside of this offering