Saurozoic Warriors Range Brakhion (Night Lands Ver.) 1/12 Scale BBTS Exclusive Figure

Boss Fight Studio and BigBadToyStore are now offering an exclusive Saurozoic Warriors Range Brakhion (Night Lands Ver.) 1/12 Scale figure, which is up for pre-order now for $34.99 and expected to ship Q1, 2023. You can grab him now and other figures in the line by clicking HERE!

Range Brakhion has found his prey: the traitor Triax Skiver has foolishly headed into the Night Lands, at the mercy of the fierce animals that call it home. Triax will die there: every Saurian who has tried to cross it has died in the attempt. Or so Range thought: a shaman of the tribe that lives on the border explained that the creatures fear the dead and would avoid the bodies of those who had passed on. Tribal members wearing body paint that gave them the appearance of death have made short journeys there and returned to tell the tale.

Eager to chase Triax down and recover the stolen technology, Range had the shaman paint him appropriately. Range steps into the Night Lands with a shiver: will he be one of the lucky ones to survive the experience?