SDCC 2022 – Mattel Minecraft Diamond Level Steve Collector Figure Review


For San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel offered their Minecraft Diamond Level Steve Collector Figure, which is based on the game. Steve is a main character in the game, and comes with diamond armor, a sword, a pickaxe crafter of die cast metal, and wears his 2016 rare Minecon cape.

Thank you to Mattel for sending along their Mattel Minecraft Diamond Level Steve Collector Figure for review. 

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con,  July 22, 2022 at Mattel Creations

Steve is packaged in a box with artwork inspired from the pixelated game, with logo’s and artwork on the front, back and sides. The box is taped shut at the bottom, and once cut you can lift it up to reveal the plastic tray with Steve and his accessories inside, with a cardboard backing behind him, and the back of that includes a description.

Steve is inspired from his appearance in the Minecraft game, with beautifully done pixelated deco offered throughout the block-inspired figure sculpt. There are also multiple shades of deco showcasing the pixels on this figure, and he is painted in turquoise, purple, grey, a dark skin tone, and a black hair and beard. The deco is really well done and all the lines on the pixels are crisp and clean.


As this is a block figure, his articulating is limited, including a swivel head, swivel arms, and swivel hips. The head and arms can be popped up a bit to place the accessories, including the 2016 Minecon cape on his back, and diamond armor over his body. The armor is made of die-cast, and given a nice shiny finish with the light grey pixelated deco, and fits over the figure perfectly.

The accessories also include an axe and sword, which can be placed in his hands, but first you need to remove those block pieces to place the weapons inside. The weapons are also made of die-cast, with the pixelated deco applied and also shaped to not only fit into his hands, but given the pixel shape to look the part as seen in the game.

Overall, Mattel’s designers have made a nice looking product for comic-con goers, and Steve is a nice looking figure with a great likeness to the game. The accessories and attachments make a nice addition to this offering, and they also went all out on deco on this one. If you’re into Minecraft, make sure to pick this up while you can!


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