Diamond Select Toys – Deadpool & Logan Marvel Minimates 2-Packs Review


Diamond Select Toys are offering some new Marvel Minimates 2-packs that are exclusively available at Walgreens Stores. These are inspired from the films, and includes Logan and Laura, Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. These are based on their appearances in the films, and includes interchangeable parts and accessories. Diamond Select Toys is also working on offering these outside of Walgreens for those of you that don’t have them just yet, so if that happens, stay tuned for updates.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending along their Deadpool and Logan Marvel Minimates for review.

Availability: Summer 2022

Each figure is packaging in the standard Minimates window box packaging, with nicely done artwork on the front and sides, and images of the figures on the back. These 2-packs may be the last of their kind as DST appears to be moving away from offering 2-packs, and moving into box sets instead. It remains unclear if 2-packs will still be offered as store and convention exclusives though.



Logan and Laura are based on the 2017 film, starring Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen. Logan comes in a black jacket, black pants and a white shirt, with the jacket and arms removable and you can swap it out with the bare arms. There are two versions of the white shirt, one a button down and the other a undershirt. The hands are also interchangeable with and without claws, and he also includes a green backpack.

Laura comes in her blue jacket, light blue beams, black shoes, a blue shirt with a rainbow, which is red yellow and blue. She also has some interchangeable parts including the hands, and heads.



Deadpool and Warhead are based on the 2016 film, starring Ryan Reynolds and Brianna Hildebrand. Deadpool comes in his standard red and black outfit, with the Deadpool symbols, a brown belt, and a masked head. He also has holsters for his pistols on the sides, which is smart as they are small pieces. Also included are two swords, an interchangeable left thumbs up hand.

Warhead comes in her black and yellow X-Men outfit, with the logo on her chest. She includes an interchangeable torso, with a new design that includes red, yellow and black, interchangeable arms for this torso, and effect pieces over her torso, and can be attached in her hands.

As these are block figures, the parts would be compatible with all other Minimates offerings, and each figure comes with an acrylic base.

Overall, DST continues their trend of offering great looking Minimates and have even gone above and beyond with the interchangeable torso’s. These fit in well with your movie collection, and would also be essential additions to your Marvel Minimates collection.



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