Diamond Select Toys NYCC 2022 Exclusive – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Minimates DVD Box Set Review


This years New York Comic-Con will see some new Minimates exclusives from Diamond Select Toys, including this Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers VHS Box Set, which will be sold starting October 6-9th, 2022. This set includes the White Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger. This box set is priced at $50, and each figure includes removable helmets and acrylic bases.

Having trouble removing the helmet? Keep Reading!

One important point about these NYCC 2022 Exclusive Minimates, as well as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 4-packs you need to know is that the helmets will stay stuck on once placed, and it’s very hard to impossible to slip the helmet off once put on. This is because how snug it is right to the head, as it was designed this way without leaving any comfort room between the head and helmet. With the helmets stuck, I researched this problem and found some information on it. If turns out this is a common problem between these Minimates, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. What you need to do is place the Minimates in your freezer for a few hours, and then you’re able to remove the helmet and it just slips right off. Well, it worked and I was able to put the hair pieces back on for display back into the box. So if you’re having trouble, try that method.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending along their NYCC 2022 Exclusive – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Minimates DVD Box Set for an advanced look and review. 

Availability: October 6-9 at New York Comic Con 2022

This set is packaged on window box made with a fifth panel door, work full-color artwork of the figures inside. The packaging is also made to look like a DVD case, with artwork of a DVD on the fifth panel, and a reminder to rewind. The back includes the names of the power rangers, which is the second team, including Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, and Kimberly Ann Hart.


Each of the MMPR are offered in their classic outfits, and given metallic deco, along with the various gold, white, and red deco. On their belts is their Morphers, and on their chest is their symbols that are nicely nicely painted on. The paint applications on crisp and clean, and the metallic deco on the outfits makes these stand out extremely well. The facial details, especially the interchangeable hair piece and helmets are also given some great details and paint applications.

One aspect to note is that they don’t have the holsters for pistols on their hips, and they don’t come with their iconic accessories, with the exception of Tommy as he comes his dagger. You could always use the accessories in the 4-packs for these figures, which would be your only option to display these with their weapons, but they look incomplete without them in this box set. As these are part of the overall Minimates line, they are also compatible throughout the entire line and brands as they work on the block system that is part of their design, so you can place these into vehicles from other brands, or just display by themselves.

Also included with each Minimates is an acrylic base.

Overall, DST is offering a great Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers set that fans are surely going to want to own. The packaging is just phenomenal and you may even want to keep these inside the box for display as the presentation on these along, which is inspired from a DVD box set. Make sure to head on over to the DST booth at NYCC if you’re attending, and grab yourself these and other exclusives!


Look for pre-orders at Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore, Zavvi U.S./Canada, Zavvi U.K.Things From Another World and Amazon