NYCC 2022 – McFarlane Toys Panel Coverage

New York Comic Con is here! Our coverage begins with the McFarlane Toys Panel. The panel guests were Todd McFarlane, AJ Morris, Cristy Collins and Brian Walters. The panel opened with the announcement of the return on Movie Maniacs, with the relaunch of the line being tied to the 100th Anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios. Following that, the team delved into the recently announced Avatar line, showing off the soon to be released products based on the first movie. The line will come in two scales: 2.5” and 7”. The 2.5” figures and vehicles will come with pieces of the world, so you can build out the diorama. The 7” line will be highly articulated with accessories. All of the figures and creatures will also include black light paint, which will make the figures glow, emulating the bioluminescence of the movie. McFarlane also announced that they have the license for the upcoming sequel film, and product is already under works. Next up was another surprise announcement. McFarlane will be producing toys for the smash hit anime, Demon Hunter. Next on the agenda was DC Multiverse. A new series of 7 figures was announced, including a blue caped version of the Batman from HUSH and the Infinite Frontier version of The Joker. New 12” Mega Figures were also announced. Finally, the “Build-a-Figure” series had a new wave announced, based on the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Also announced were new items in the Batman ‘66 line, including 2 new waves of figures. Next Up, new DC Collectibles product was announced, including Series 3 of the Super Powers figures, as well as two new vehicles, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet and the Batmobile, new waves of the Page Punchers line and new statues. Next Up was Spawn. New series of figures were announced as well as some new box sets. The news was also broken that Spawn will be entering the world of Page Punchers. Finally, the cover of the upcoming Batman/Spawn sequel was shown as a tease. The panel was full of great reveals and surprises, and it looks like McFarlane Toys’ momentum is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Here are the images from the panel