Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Excalibur 3-Pack Figures Pre-Orders


Hasbro’s previously offered Marvel Legends X-Men Excalibur 3-Pack Figures is up for pre-order now at BigBadToyStore for $69.99, which is based on the 1990’s classic comic series. The set includes Captain Britain, Shadowcat and Meggan, and you can grab it by clicking HERE!

Pre-Orders are also available at Entertainment Earth. The set is priced at $66.99 and will ship in January 2023.

If you preorder anything at $39+ on Entertainment Earth, make sure to use coupon code: HOLIDAYFREE22 for FREE USA shipping. For in-stock orders, use code: ToyHypeUS for 10% off plus FREE USA Shipping  on orders of $39+

Using his super strength, flying ability and courage, Captain Britain fights for justice throughout the world and in other dimensions as well. Meggan is a mystical mutant metamorph, able to change her shape at will. Shadowcat possesses the mutant ability to “phase” her molecules, letting her pass through walls, walk on air, and allowing things she touches to do the same.

  • Marvel’s Meggan figure
    • Alternate pair of hands
  • Captain Britain figure
    • Alternate head piece
    • Alternate pair of hands
    • Sword
  • Marvel’s Shadowcat figure
    • Purple dragon familiar
    • Alternate pair of hands