Boss Fight Studio Saurozoic Warriors Wave 2 Figure Pre-Orders


Boss Fight Studio announced the second wave of their Saurozoic Warriors figures that are available to pre-order now. Each figure is priced at $29.99 and expected to ship in Q3, 2023. Pre-Orders are available on BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth.

If you preorder anything at $59+ on Entertainment Earth, make sure to use coupon code: FREESHIP59 for FREE USA shipping. For in-stock orders, use code: ToyHypeUS for 10% off plus FREE USA Shipping  on orders of $59+

Saurozoic Warriors Triax Skiver (Night Lands Ver.) 1/12 Scale Figure

With his former master’s most precious secrets in his possession, Triax barely escaped the clutches of the Ceratopsian Guard with his life. Now, after having been informed that at least two feared bounty hunters are on his trail, he decides to take a dangerous shortcut through the Night Lands. This region of Sauria is in eternal darkness, the result of a constant shadow cast by one of the moons in close geosynchronous orbit. It is said that fearsome creatures dwell there. These beasts are so numerous that they cannot be fought, for every one that is killed, ten more arrive. If Triax is to cross the Night Lands, he must learn to blend in and camouflage himself to avoid notice.

Saurozoic Warriors Seph Rasan (Knight Pachycephalosaur) 1/12 Scale Figure

Rasan’s tribe practices a very straightforward form of combat: close the distance fast and then smash on through. Their thick skulls allow them to knock most other Saurian species out with a single blow. Once a member of the tribe makes their first kill, a ceremonial skull cap is provided to the young warrior. These are heavily armoured and sometimes even sharpened to inflict maximum damage.

Rasan, like his compatriots, carries a shield to offer protection until he gets close enough to unleash his devastating final attack. His flintlock pistols are used to launch projectiles that create thick smoke on the battlefield, providing cover as he makes his final burst of speed to smash into his chosen opponent headfirst.

Saurozoic Warriors Staze Akiden (Samurai Ankylosaur) 1/12 Scale Figure

Slow moving yet invulnerable and with great strength. Staze served his master well for many years, protecting him and his family against their foes. When his master died and was replaced as clan leader, Staze found himself out of favour with the new generation. They did not care that he had devoted his life to the tribe or the many victories that had been won due to his martial skill. They thought him long in the tooth and he was exiled.

Now considered a ‘Dracohors’, an outcast or Ronin, Staze does what he has to in order to survive. He has a strict moral code, often taking less of a fee if he feels the cause is just. He remains a capable fighter, able to thrash any two other fighters to within an inch of their lives if required. His slow speed more than compensated for by his experience campaigning across the many environments of Sauria.

Saurozoic Warriors Pava Pergia (Ninja Archaeopteryx) 1/12 Scale Figure

Launching from a rocky crag or treetop, there are few who equal Pava when it comes to fast attack, scouting or covert surveillance. She uses thermal currents to soar effortlessly for long distances and has developed a ‘sixth sense’ which attunes her to the movement of the air. She can feel every breath of wind and even find other Saurians by the air they displace when they move. This makes it almost impossible to catch her unawares and allows her to fight even in pitch darkness.

Pava uses a silent laser pistol for long range attacks and her swords for close in work. She uses her stealth and sixth sense to get as close as possible to her enemies; to make certain of the kill.