Hasbro Transformers Generations Holiday Optimus Prime Figure Review


Optimus Prime gets a licensed deal with Volvo with Hasbro’s newly released Transformers Generations Holiday Optimus Prime Figure that first came out this past season. The figure comes with holiday themed deco, as well as an entirely new sculpt that will surely stand out against any other Transformer figure you own.

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Holiday Optimus Prime is priced at $55.99 and expected to ship this month (April 2023). You can order him now by clicking HERE!

Availability: December 2022; April 2023

Optimus Prime comes packaged in a rectangular box with beautifully done artwork inspired from the holiday season, with images of the truck and Optimus Prime on the front right side and back, and on the top is another image of him in robot mode, the Autobot logo, and a gift wrapping label. Also on the artwork is a Christmas Tree, Christmas lights, snow and a winter themed back on the front, which is nicely done. There’s also snowflakes on the sides, top and back.

Optimus Prime gets his first-ever license with Volvo with this special Holiday release, with a red, white, green and black color scheme that makes his primary color, and a noticeable green windshield in both vehicle and robot mode.

In vehicle mode, Optimus Prime can haul his trailer, which is a reuse from existing trailers in recent years, and given two types of white plastic, as it looks to be in different shades when you open it up. On the outside, there are red stripes on the sides with the top parts fading into the white, which is a nice effect. The wheels turn, and there’s a stand on the bottom of it if you disconnect the trailer. You can also store the blaster underneath as shown in the instructions. On the front of the grill it says the word Volvo, and above the windshield you see the words Happy Holidays. The front the trailer you see the Autobot logo with a Santa hat.


A look at the inside, gives you the Modular Battle Station mode where it can be used as a playset, and a place to repair an Autobot.

In robot mode, this is where the color scheme really pops, and you see the red, the bring green windshield, black, white applied. The sculpt is brand new for this release, and given it’s a license that’s the way to do it. This is a great sculpt for Optimus Prime, which includes the Matrix of Leadership hidden inside the chest, and on the left shoulder is the Autobot logo. The legs are larger compared to some of the previous Optimus Prime figures, with the sides of the truck long in the back, and the four tires placed on the back. The body, including the chest, arms and especially the head pays tribute to his classic design.

Included with Optimus Prime is a blaster also painted in red and white, with red stripes on the barrel.

His articulation is based on modern day Transformers figures, which has been consistent since Combiner Wars. This includes a ball jointed head, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinged hips, swivel thighs, and hinged knees. The chest also lifts down for the Matrix of Leadership to be removed.

Overall, Holiday Optimus Prime is a fantastic figure and a great licensed offering. This is a great sculpt for the figure that will hopefully see reuse in his classic colors at some point, as Hasbro is known for squeezing out as many repaints of holds that they can. This is one you’re going to want to add to your collection.


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