Mattel – Masters of the Universe: Origins Lady Slither Figure Review & Press Release



Mattel’s Masters of the Universe: Origins Lady Slither figure will be available exclusively at Mattel Creations beginning August 12, 2023 at 9 am PST, and a price is TBD. You can grab the figure at release date by clicking HERE! Fang-Or and Lady Slither are highly demanded characters amongst fans that were created while Masters of the Universe Classics was in full swing. Lady Slither is a leader of the Snake Men, like King Hsss, answering only to the Unnamed One. She includes a mini-comic, a sword, a staff, and interchangeable legs.

Thank you to Mattel for sending along their Masters of the Universe Origins Lady Slither Figure for review.

MOTU Exclusive Upcoming Release Information

The Snake Men get their queen as Lady Slither joins the Masters of the Universe Origins line. This leader of the Snake Men can transform the lower half of her body into a snake to slither into the Masters’ nightmares. Lady Slither has never been made into a figure before.

  • Comes with articulated attachable tail, staff, and knife
  • 16 points of articulation in 5.5” scale
  • Includes mini comic that reveals her origins
  • Comes in premium MOTU origins packagingNotes from the Team:[Roy Juarez] Lady Slither will have an elegant slipcover wrapped in snake scales with a bronze patina finished medallion of Lady Slither’s face (our nod to Medusa’s head on Athena’s shield). On the top of the slipcover, we have a bronze crest of the Snake Men logo. The back has a character writeup of Lady Slither inside a bronzed serpent frame. The front of the box features Lady Slither commanding her troops Fang-Or, Vypor, Stretch Neck and Raptilax (from the vintage mini comics) into battle. On the cardback we have Lady Slither in her human form (featuring her interchangeable human legs) sitting on her throne inside her Snake Lair. To the left of Lady Slither is High Priest Pythonus, a character also designed by Axel, and to the right of Lady Slither is the red Snake Man fans will recognize from Kol- Darr’s cardback art.Upcoming:

    The MOTU Team is pleased to announce ETERNIA’s CHOICE – an upcoming collaboration between the design team and you, the fans! In the next few weeks, we will be providing key info across our social channels on the chance to vote for our next made-to-order large-scale item. Stay tuned for the formal announcement, coming soon.

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Availability: Mattel Creations on September 12, 2023 at 9 am PST.

Lady Slither is packaged in a slip cover with artwork including bronze and gold deco with a crest, with the face of Lady Slither. The back of the slip cover includes a description. Once the slipcover is removed, she comes in a window box with artwork and images depicting Lady Slither and her Snake Men. The packaging  is inspired from the vintage 1980’s toyline, and the inside flap includes instructions for the interchangeable legs. She comes packaged in a plastic trap along with her accessories, including a mini-comic behind her.


Lady Slither comes in green snake skin, and includes some shared parts with Teela, including the arms and legs, and a newly tooled head, torso, hips and cape. The head sculpt features a gold crown on top, with a snake raised up at the center of the forehead. The crown is in-front of the brown sculpted hair, which goes down the back. The outfit includes metallic red, metallic gold, and a Snake Men logo on the chest, which is in a dark green. The cape is made of a soft plastic and cast in purple. The boots are red with an off-white cuffs.

Included is the Sword of the Serpent Mini-Comic, a staff, a sword, hip armor that fits between her torso and snake leg, and the interchangeable snake leg.

The staff is a repaint from Teela, and the sword is brand new and flame-bladed.

The interchangeable snake leg is painted in two shades of green, including light on the bottom, and a dark green on top, and is given seven sculpted details and textures to represent snake skin. This features four parts of articulation (in the video I missed a point), including three ball joints, and one swivel joint at the hips. In this form, it is also more difficult to get her to pose and stand in anyway with the exception of posting it straight like shown above, as she tends to fall over if she is leaning to the side, for example.

Shee is also fully articulated, and includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and rocker ankles. The snake legs have three ball joints, and a swivel joint at the hip.

Overall, Lady Slither looks great and makes a great addition to your Snake Men army. She is a leader like King Hss, so make sure you also own Fang-Or,  and the Diabolical Snake Invasion 4-pack as these are companion figures to her. Make sure to add her to your collection, and as she is a Mattel Creations exclusive, you can be sure she is going to be popular with a very strong possibility if a fast sell-out


Mattel Creations on September 12, 2023 at 9 am PST.

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