Bandai Tamashii Nations: Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts 2021 Event Exclusives Pre-Orders


Bandai Tamashii Nations/Bandai Collectibles previously offered Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts 2021 Event Exclusives are up for pre-order now at BigBadToyStore for those that may have missed out. You can order now by clicking HERE! These will sell out, so get that pre-order in! These ship in October 2023.

Dragon Ball Z S.H.Figuarts Shenron Event Exclusive – $159.99

Shenron from “Dragon Ball Z” is brought to you in pearl coloring to reflect the scene where it is summoned from the Dragon Balls, in this exclusive edition!

Dragon Ball Super S.H.Figuarts Nappa 2021 Event Exclusive – $79.99

One of the few Saiyans to escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Nappa works under Prince Vegeta as they subjugate planets for Lord Freeza. Upon hearing about the power of the Dragon Balls, Nappa heads to Earth with Vegeta to engage the Z Warriors in vicious combat!

The violent and combative Saiyan warrior known as Nappa, is now available in a new event exclusive color. The S.H.Figuarts Nappa (Event Exclusive) figure includes extra hands and head sculpts for plenty of action poses. You can even attach Chaoz (sold separately) to his back to recreate the dramatic scenes from the anime!

Dragon Ball Super S.H.Figuarts Whis 2021 Event Exclusive – $59.99

As martial arts instructor to the God of Destruction Beerus, Whis is considered to be the most powerful being in Universe 7! Calm and collected, Whis accompanies Beerus throughout the Universe and shares in Beerus’ obession over food.

The S.H.Figuarts Whis Event Exclusive comes back to the Figuarts line up with a whole new look, extra hands and signature staff.