Funko Pop! Yourself – Anthony Scott Of ToyHypeUSA Pop! Vinyl Figure Review


Funko’s Pop! Yourself allows you the ability to personally create a Pop! Vinyl Figure with your likeness. If you watched the Press Conference Video, Funko’s team has revealed that 2024 will be an expanding year for this concept, including new hair styles, licensed bodies of some of your favorite characters (although nothing was revealed exactly which licenses and characters they were looking into), accessories and additional options will be offered in this concept.

In 11 1/2  years and thousands of toy reviews, this is the first-time I am able to review myself, after reviewing so many figures with some actors likenesses, I have the ability to compare this to my own likeness, and according to my family, it is pretty close.

Thank you to Funko for allowing me the privilege of creating my own personalized Pop! Vinyl Figure, and for sending this along for free. 

Availability: Going on now in person and online at Funko

This ships in a brown shipping box, with the front if it needs to be torn so you can open it. I demonstrated this in a video reel on Instagram last week, which is embedded below. Once opened, it’s wrapped in an additional brown box, with images of some of the options to customize your Pop! The Pop! comes in the standard window box packaging, and you have the option to create a name or title for yourself, a message on the back, and some additional choices such as a Pop! Protector (which I got), and the option to include animals (which I had selected two).


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Once the box is opened, your personalized Pop! is inside, and mine comes with the Pop! Protector, which is an extra $8 if anyone else wants to add it. I would recommend it since this is customized to you and you’re probably going to want to protect the box.

You also have the option to include cats or dogs, which are $4 each, and two accessories that are included with your Pop! I choice a computer and a cell phone, as it feels like i’m always using one or the other trying to keep up with the industry, and usually working on content.

The dogs are tiny, and come with acrylic stands that they are attached too. I chose two because you can never have too many dogs at your side. You are limited to this particular style right now, but can choose the colors. They also just added some new options, such as a ghost, a snake, and a bunny if you prefer one of those.

Funko gives you the option to choose your body type, either male, female or baby, hair, facial hair, eye laches, glasses or sunglasses, clothing or outfit, with new features being added and many more to come next year. Since my hair is curly, there wasn’t a good enough option for that, only the classic afro hair, so I went with straight for this one. The clothing I chose since it looks like a superhero, but you have a bunch of options to create something for yourself. The head sculpt has the holes on the sides for the glasses/sunglasses, and that is permanently there and the absence of glasses is noticeable if you look at the sides.

What I didn’t expect is for this to be articulated, and he comes with a swivel neck (standard for Pop!’s), but also swivel arms, and a swivel waist. The hands are open grip, allowing him to hold the accessories. Most of the accessories have a handle on the side so he can hold it, and on some, such as a softball, cell phone and others, that handle looks out of place, but necessary for him to grip onto.

Overall, I enjoyed creating a Pop! with my likeness and he looks pretty close if you ask me. The paint applications for the most part are crisp and clean, and this is a fun collectible to own. What I like most is the articulation, which is something you don’t see too often on Pop!’s.

The price of this Pop! is $30, plus my add ons, $8 for the Pop! Protector, and $4 each for the dogs, bringing the price to $46, plus shipping and tax (if applicable). Free U.S. Shipping is offered on orders of $65, so take advantage of that.



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