LEGO DC Batman Batcave – Shadow Box 76252 Set Review


LEGO is offering a new Batman Batcave set based on the 1992 Batman Returns film starring Michael Keaton. This set features 3,981-pieces, 7 mini-figures, and the Batmobile. The Batcave measures over 20″ wide and the mini-figures include Max Shreck, The Penguin, Catwoman, 2 versions of Batman (one with a fabric cape, one with a posable plastic cape), Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne. This is in-stock now at the LEGO Shop for $399.99, and you can order now by clicking HERE!

This version of Batman was given new life in The Flash Movie, with Micheal Keaton reprising his classic role, and puts on the batsuit after decades long retirement.

Thank you to LEGO for sending along their DC Batman Batcave – Shadow Box 76252 Set for review. 

Availability: June 2023

The Batcave comes packaged in a large rectangular box, with artwork showcasing the Batcave, Batmobile and the mini-figures inside. Inside, are 29 bags (some duplicates), four instruction books, and a sticker sheet. The first book starts off with a look at the design team behind the scenes, along with step by step instructions after.


The Batcave measures over 20″ wide, 12″ tall and 6″ depth, and is a rectangular shadow box, that opens and closes, and is inspired from the 1992 film. The front of the Batcave is shaped like the Batman logo, and you can see inside, including the Batmobile on the platform, computer, and other key details. The back of the Batcave includes yellow knobs that turn that moves several parts on the other side, which we’ll take a closer look at.and a hidden compartment on the lower right side to store some accessories.

The 7 mini-figures include two versions of Batman (one with a cloth cape), Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Max Shreck, The Penguin, and Catwoman. Several of these have alternate facial expressions on the other side, including Batman and Bruce Wayne. Some of the accessories include a coffee mug for Bruce Wayne, a platter with a coffee mug and pourer for Alfred, a cane for Max Shreck, an umbrella and a fish for The Penguin and a whip for Catwoman. There’s a lot of accessories inside the Batcave for Batman, including 4 batarangs, grappling hook, and tools stored on the lower level.

Once opened up, the Batcave is massive, and the Batmobile can be stored on the platform. The Batmobile pays a great likeness, and can store the Batman mini-figure with the cloth cape inside, but the hood cannot close with Batman inside. The jet in the back has a removable flame in the back exhaust, and it also features rotating tires, and turning the cog on the side causes 2 hidden shooters to appear.

These doors can slide to reveal the Bat-gear and gadgets inside. This is where the batarangs and grappling hook are stored.


The Batsuit vault features an LED light in the back, and this is where you can store the Batman mini-figure with the cloth cape. Turn the knob in the back to open and close.

The bat computer includes several screens, including the big one in the center with moveable slides, that showcases the Penguin and Catwoman. This also features a turning chair, a smaller chair for Alfred, and smaller monitors on both sides and the top.

Both Bruce Wayne and Alfred can fit on this platform, holding the mugs and platter, and monitor Gotham City from this spot.

The side also has an opening garage, which lifts manually and can close by pressing the yellow button on top.

This is the hidden compartment in the back, which can store accessories.


The tools are stored on these three walls, and can be removed for Batman or Alfred to use.

Overall, the DC Batman Batcave – Shadow Box pays a great likeness to this classic Batcave, and features a ton of great details that fans will surely love. The Bat computer and Batmobile in particular are two impressive details, not to mention the logo shaped front and all the mini-figures included. This would make a great holiday gift for all LEGO and DC fans and collectors, so make sure to pick it up!



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