Funko X-Men ’97 Pop! Vinyl Cyclops, Magneto & Bishop Figures Review



Funko is offering the first wave of their X-Men ’97 Pop! Vinyl Figures, which includes Cyclops, Bishop, Gambit and Magneto that inspired from the series coming in 2024. As you are probably aware, X-Men ’97 is the continuation of X-Men The Animated Series, which rand from 1992-1996. The series is one of the most anticipated series coming next year, as this show introduced these characters to a new generation of fans, including myself, that wasn’t picking up or reading the comic books. These Pop! Vinyl Figures are exclusively available at the Funko Shop, and are priced at $15 each.

Thank you to Funko for sending along these X-Men ’97 Pop! Vinyl Figures for review. 

Availability: December 2023

The Pop! comes in the standard window box packaging, and includes all of the standard packaging design, including the numbers of the Pop!’s, logo’s and the names at the bottom. Also on the front is a Funko Exclusive sticker, as these are exclusively available at the Funko Shop. On the back is a look at the set of four offered in this wave.

Magneto, Cyclops and Bishop are based on their appearances in X-Men ’97. These are bobble heads, and come in the Pop! Vinyl Figure style, with the big heads and smaller bodies. Each is also cell shaded, and you have light and dark tones throughout the deco on the outfits.

Magneto comes in his red and purple outfit, with a purple cape, while standing on an acrylic flight stand. The legs are lifted off the ground as he’s using his powers,. The head sculpt is helmeted, with the pole and red helmet, and he has black round eyes, and shading on the face.

Cyclops comes in his blue and yellow outfit, with two X-Men logo’s on the front. The head sculpt includes the visor with the optic blast effect, and brown hair that is shaded. He also stands on an acrylic base, which connects to his back.

Bishop comes in his blue and yellow outfit, with the red scarf, and X-Men logo on the front. The head sculpt includes the tattoo, facial details including the goatee, eyes and eye lashes, and sculpted black hair with the shading.

Overall, these X-Men ’97 pay great homages to the series that is coming next year, and Funko Pop! collectors will surely enjoy them.



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