NECA Toys Universal Monsters Ultimate Bride of Frankenstein (Black & White) Figure Review



NECA Toys is now offering their Universal Monsters Ultimate The Bride of Frankenstein figure that is based on her classic 1935 film, starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein and Elsa Lanchester as the Bride of Frankenstein. This film is a sequel to Frankenstein (1931), and the Bride of created as a love interest for Frankenstein, but rejects him, leaving to disaster….

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Availability: December 2023

The Bride of Frankenstein is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with artwork inspired from the original film, including images of the figure on the sides and back. The opening flap includes another image, and on the right is the window box showing the figure, along with her accessories all packaged in a plastic tray.

The Bride of Frankenstein is based on her 1935 movie appearance, and features the likeness of Actress Elsa Lanchester. She comes in a white fabric gown that fits over her bandaged body, which is removable and includes some stitches on the back that holds it together. Underneath the gown is a fully bandaged body, something like you’d see with a Mummy figure, and is fully sculpted and detailed. She is a repaint from her in-color release, and done in black and white, with grey bandages underneath the gown.

The head sculpts look great, and includes closed mouth, and an open mouth, with the lightning bolts on the sides of the hair. The hair itself is given sculpted textures, and the lower sides of the cheeks have red lines that go all the way across. The mummy head has the mask that covers the face, and is removable to reveal the eyes. On the mask and forehead are some metallic silver stitches that are likely there to hold it into place.

Included are three interchangeable head sculpts, a gown, two sets of interchangeable hands, two bandages, and a mask for the mummy head.


With the gown removed, you can see all the sculpted bandages, which also gives it a texture to make it look and feel more realistic.

She is also compatible with the table that was offered in the Frankenstein accessory pack that you can also grab at Entertainment Earth for $39.99

She is also fully articulated, and includes a ball jointed head, ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso,ball jointed hips, hinged-swivel knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, The Bride of Frankenstein is a beautifully done figure, with a great likeness and attention to detail that fans are surely going to love. It’s long overdue to get her in this modern era of toys, especially with this amount of detail and articulation. Make sure to grab her today, along with Frankenstein and the rest of the line!


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Entertainment Earth is offering Free USA Shipping on all orders of $79+, including 10% in-stock items. Use this LINK and start shopping.