Diamond Select Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Technodrome Deluxe Box Set Review



Diamond Select Toys newly released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Technodrome Minimates Deluxe Set is inspired from the classic cartoon series, and is a long anticipated offering for many given it’s taken them a few years to get these into the hands of fans. This set includes Leonardo, Splinter, Krang, Rocksteady, and a Foot Soldier, all in their cartoon colors and outfits. As you are probably aware, these Minimates would also be compatible with brands also offered in this line, so you can swap out parts and accessories to your liking.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending along their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Technodrome Minimates Deluxe Set for review. 

Availability: January 2024

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Technodrome Minimates Deluxe Set  is packaged in a window box with a sliding top, and features the artwork of the Turtles Blimp on the front, images of three waves of this line on the back, and images of the Minimates on the sides. Once the top is lifted, you see the Minimates inside, and the back features a description.


Leonardo comes with a chest overly that is placed over the Minimate block, and he comes in green skin, with a yellow chest, tan shell, a brown belt with the letter L on the belt buckle, and blue bandana, elbow, wrist and knee pads. Included are two katana’s and an acrylic figure base.

Splinter comes in a dark pink robe, with gold, and a belt belt overlay piece that is placed over the minimate block. The sleeves are separate pieces, and he has light grey sandals with his feet poking through the front. The brown fur is given a sculpted texture, and the head sculpt includes a black nose, eyes, and pointy ears. He includes his walking stick, and an acrylic figure base.

Krang comes in his giant android baby body, but he’s not much taller than the other minimates. Krang is in the stomach, and is a sculpted and painted piece, with the pink brain given facial details. The baby body is painted mostly in a beige flesh tone, with metallic silver, yellow and red deco. He includes an acrylic figure base.

Rocksteady comes in his dark grey flesh tone, a yellow shirt with straps and grenades, a knife on his back, light brown paints, and brown boots. The head sculpt includes the horns that are painted in a lighter grey, yellow ears and pointy ears. Included is a blaster and an acrylic figure base.

The Foot Soldier is purple and black, and the head has the Foot symbol in his forehead, with yellow eyes, The gauntlets are painted in a metallic silver, and he comes with a blaster, sword and an acrylic figure base.

The articulation on these are standard for minimates, and Splinter has a swivel tail.

Overall, this is an excellent set that fans should own especially if you are a TMNT enthusiasts and love the classic series. This is available now at your local comic shop, or you can order at one of the stores listed below:


Entertainment Earth, and BigBadToyStore. Also check out Zavvi U.S./Canada, Zavvi U.K.Things From Another World and Amazon.

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