NECA Toys Chucky TV Series Ultimate Chucky Figure Review



NECA Toys is now offering their Ultimate Chucky figure based on his own tv series on the Syfy channel. This series is a continuation of the film franchise, and follows the events after Cult of Chucky, with original film cast and characters. The series is also notable for bringing back the original actors, including Alex Vincent reprising Andy Barclay (Child’s Play 1 & 2), Christine Elise reprising Kyle (Child’s Play 2), Jennifer Tilly reprising her role, and Brad Dourif also returning to reprise his voice for Chucky.

NECA’s Ultimate Chucky figure is an essential offering for fans of the series and anyone that watches the show will know that Chucky has learned VooDoo spell to split his soul into countless Good Guy dolls, making this figure an army builder offering.

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Availability: December 2023

Chucky is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with artwork inspired from the tv series and logo’s on the front, images of the figure on the side, and images on the back. The opening flap includes another image of the figure, and he comes packaged in a plastic tray along with his accessories for safe keeping.

Chucky is given almost an all-new sculpt, with shared legs from previous Chucky figures. The outfit includes blue overalls with pictures of cowboy hat and boots and other objects, and the Good Guys logo on the front pocket. The shirt underneath is striped, with blue, red and yellow with tiny white stripes. The sneakers are red and white, and there are patterns on the bottom that you may recall he had from the very first Child’s Play film in 1988.

Chucky includes four interchangeable head sculpts, an interchangeable arm, three additional hands, butcher knife, and a syringe bundle,.

The four head sculpts each have their own distinct facial expressions, including normal, grin, open mouth/yelling, and melting face. The facial details all look amazing, and he comes with freckles, blue eyes, and sculpted red hair.

The melting head is by far the most detailed of the four head sculpted, and you can see the plastic melting from the left side of the face, with the red blood all melting down. The left interchangeable arm is also melting and battle damage.


He also includes a butcher knife, interchangeable open grip hands, interchangeable right hand with the middle finger pointing up, and a syringe bundle. The knife is metallic silver with a black handle, and fits best in the right open grip hand. The syringe bundle is grouped together and fits best in the left battle damaged hand.

Overall, Chucky is an excellent figure that fans will surely want to add to their collection. He’s an army builder, and if you watched the show you’d know he can split his soul into countless Good Guy dolls so make sure to buy 4 of these. You can buy him now at Entertainment Earth and make sure to click off the hyperlinks to get the 10% off discount and free shipping $79+ offer.


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Entertainment Earth is offering Free USA Shipping on all orders of $79+, including 10% in-stock items.. Use this LINK and start shopping.