Diamond Select Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Minimates Box Set Review


Diamond Select Toys is offering their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Minimates Box Set, which is a four pack that includes The Last Ronin, April O’Neil, Casey Marie Jones, and Oroku Hiroto (son of Shredder). The Last Ronin is the last surviving member of the Turtles, as his three brothers, Splinter and Casey Jones had all been killed. Michelangelo is now along facing a post-apocalyptic future. April O’Neil and her daughter, Casey Marie Jones, teams with Michelangelo to battle Shredder’s son, Oroku Hiroto.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending along their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Minimates Box Set for review. 

Availability: January 2024

The Last Ronin is packaged in a window box with a fifth panel opening flap, with artwork and logo’s inspired from the comic, images of the characters on the sides, and a decryption on the back. The Minimates are inside inside a plastic tray with a cover over them for safe keeping.

The Last Ronin comes in his dark blue, brown and grey outfit, with a hood, holsters for the swords, and holsters on his back for his brothers weapons. The dark blue shirt, belt, shoulder pads and hood are all one piece, and cannot be removed. The head sculpt has the mask covering the eyes, white eyes, and a mouth with white teeth. This is placed over the standard block body, and the lower pegs have the knee pads, dark grey bandages and green toes also as a separate piece. The hands and the dark grey bandages are also a separate piece. Included with Last Ronin is a nunchuck, a bo staff, a katana, a broken katana, and a sai, along with an acrylic figure base.

April O’Neil comes in a dark yellow shirt, brown pants, a black belt with a silver belt buckle, black boots, and detailed lines on the chest giving it definition. The facial details are nicely done with a painted mouth and eyes, along with lines indicating her age (which in this comic is in her late 50’s), but she also was exposed to mutagen so that has slowed down her aging as well. She is also given a red hair piece, with sculpted hair. Included is a book, Fugitoid’s head, and an acrylic figure base.

Casey Marie Jones has that Nightwing appearance, with a dark blue and black outfit. The head sculpt has a black mask over her white eyes, a mouth, and a black hair piece on top with sculpted pointy hair. She has a holster for her batons on the back, which can also be placed in her hands. She also includes an acrylic figure base.

Oroku Hiroto, Shredder’s son comes in silver and dark grey armor, with liens on the chest and legs giving him definition. The head sculpt is helmeted, with a black face and red glaring eyes. The arms also have spikes and claws o the shoulders and forearms. Included is an acrylic figure base.

Overall, DST’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Minimates Box Set is a solid set with a great selection of characters and attention to detail that fans are surely going to love. The Last Ronin himself is the most detailed giving his outfit and the fact that it can store all of those weapons. This is a great set and something that fans of the comic will definitely want to add to their collection.


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