DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures Girls’ Night Out Box Set Review


DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures Girls’ Night Out Box Set includes five of the best female characters in The New Batman Adventures and Superman: The Animated Series.

This set is based on the episode “Girls’ Nite Out“, which had originally aired on October 17th, 1998. This set is numbered as 35 of the line.

Harley, Poison Ivy and Livewire wreak havoc when they plan to have a leisurely night out in Gotham City.

This box set includes reissues of Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, along with Supergirl and Livewire that are available for the first-time in this style. DC Collectibles also previously announced that they will be offering a Superman and Lois Lane 2 pack in the Superman: The Animated Series line. Not that the tooling exists for Supergirl and Livewire, there is a very strong possibility of both characters being released as single carded figures along with episode specific accessories and interchangeable hand sculpts. This however has yet to be officially announced and hopefully by San Diego Comic-Con, DC Collectibles will have some good news for fans. It is also very possible that it might be a couple of years before fans see a full line from Superman: The Animated Series, as DC Collecitbles previously announced they are going to be spreading out the releases a bit more between each new animated wave, so that fans have a chance of catching up with the line.

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing their The New Batman Adventures Girls’ Night Out Box Set for review.


Batgirl is sculpted in a thin lean sculpt in a black and yellow batsuit, blue short cape, and long red hair. She stands at roughly 5-1/8″ tall and resembles the character beautifully. It’s a mystery to us why no one could put together that Barbara Gordon is Batgirl, as her head is too exposed, including her hair. Her head sculpt is masked with the lower part of her face showing including her nose and mouth, and her eyes have a mask over it, leaving her eye brows also exposed.

Supergirl is sculpted as she appeared in this episode and Superman: The Animated Series. She is sculpted in her white tank top shirt with black trim at the bottom, with the “S” logo in red and yellow on her chest. Sculpted around her neck is her red cape that is made out of soft plastic. The blue shorts are also made out of a soft plastic, and she is also sculpted with red boots and white gloves. Her head sculpt is fantastic, with the long blonde hair that is held together by a black band. Her facial details include a smiling mouth with red lips, blue eyes, and black eye liner and eye brows.


Harley Quinn is sculpted in her red, black and white jester outfit with an off white facial deco. Her head sculpt is nicely done with a smile with black lipstick, and black deco around the eyes. Comparing her to the previous Batman: The Animated Series, she is scaled upward from the older figure, as far as height and uses a little more plastic to compensate for the additional height. The body tone is the same, but The New Batman Adventures version has a better appeal, as she also has some updated deco including the white piece around her neck, and facial deco.

Poison Ivy is sculpted in a tight outfit that appears to be a top/skirt combo, tight gloves that cover her wrists to her elbows, and boots. Her head sculpt is a bit disproportional to the rest of her body, but most of that is likely due to the long and large red hair making up most of the sculpt. The facial sculpt is very well detailed and she is painted with dark green lipstick that matches the dress, dark green eye laches and eye brows, and light green eyes. The sleeves and boots are also painted in dark green, and the rest of the body is exposed with an off white deco.

Livewire is based on her appearance as seen in The New Batman Adventures and Superman: The Animated Series. She is sculpted in her dark blue shirt in a shape of a lightning bolt. The shirt is sculpted over the body, with long sleeves, and the hands are covered in dark blue gloves. The stockings go right up to the thighs and are in the same dark blue as the shirt. The skin tone is in a light blue, and the hair is a bright blue as seen in the series. Her facial details are nicely done, and the lipstick, eye browns, and eye liner are in the same dark blue as the clothing.

None of these figures includes accessories other than the acrylic stand with a base.

Availability: March 2017


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