Lootcrate DX March 2017 Unboxing & Image Gallery


Lootcrate has come a long way over the years and are now offering all kinds of limited edition subscription boxes to cater to all kinds of fans. Everything from pets, anime, gaming, and more. The latest offering in their Lootcrate DX boxes includes now one but two figures by NECA Toys. Also included in this box are items from Kong Skull Island, DC Comics, Godzilla, and two items from Predator. This months box is themed Primal and this is surely one box you won’t want to miss.

We are going to be showcasing the new figures by NECA Toys in the coming week in separate reviews. So make sure to check back daily.

Thank you to Lootcrate for sending along their March 2017 DX box along for review.

Availability: March 2017


Kicking off this unboxing is the NECA Toys exclusive Reactor Glow Godzilla figure, which  is a repaint of their Burning Godzilla, featuring glow-in-the-dark green in place of the burning paint effects. Don’t worry, Godzilla may have lost his head in the package, but the head is inside there and we will show him in an upcoming review with the head attached.


Next up is the NECA Toys Jungle Demon Predator that is released through Lootcrate three months before anyone else will get it. The figure is part of the 30th Anniversary celebration this Summer. The packaging includes a lootcrate exclusive sticker. The Jungle Demon Predator is a repaint of the upcoming Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator figure, and is cast in clear plastic, with a partially painted jungle deco and glowing yellow eyes.

Pre-Orders for this figure can be found on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.



Also exclusive to this crate is a Kong Skull Island Ceremic Mug. The mug includes the head of Kong, with a skeleton structure serving as the handle.


An exclusive DC Comics Animal Man, which is in an exclusive trade paperback cover featuring issues 1-5 by Grant Morrison.

Finally, an exclusive Predator pin is also included featuring an ancient Predator bi0-mask. There are two pins in the back to attach it to something, and the eyes are cut through allowing it to see through whatever the pin is attached too.