Mattel: ThunderCats Classics Figures Re-listed On GameStop have resisted several previously sold out ThunderCats Classics figures from Mattel. Unfortunately, Mumm-Ra was never listed, and now Lion-O is gone. But Panthro, Jackalman, and Pumyra are back in stock for $34.00.

Previously, they listed some of Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe Classics figures of some sold out figures, which included He-Man, Anti-Eternia He-Man, MOTU Mini’s, SDCC 2016 Exclusive 11″ She-Ra, 12″ He-Man figures, SDCC Goat Man exclusive, Dragstor, Buzzsaw Hordak, Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor, and more.

If you hurry, you can pick up three of the ThunderCats now for a fairly low price considering that third-party sellers are charging too much on these.