Jada Toys: Street Fighter Metals Die Cast 4″ Figures Review


Jada Toys is offering the first wave of their Street Fighter Metals Die Cast 4″ figures, which includes Bison (M307), Guile (M306), Ryu (M305), and Chun Li (M308). The figures are based on their appearance as seen in the 1990’s video games.

At New York ToyFair 2017, Jada Toys unveiled these new figures as part of their ongoing newly acquired licenses. In addition to Street Fighter, Jada Toys also acquired the licenses to WWE, Star Trek, Fast & Furious, and Assassins Creed. We will continue to update of new developments of their Metals Die Cast line. This high-end collectible has proven to gain popularity since its launch last year, as it is a much better quality collectible over Pop! Vinyls or anything else similar to it. In addition to the new licenses, Jada Toys have partnered with Lootcrate on several occasions offering fans exclusive figures, including a 6″ Iron Man in the DX box, and three versions of Logan in the standard crates.

Thank you to Jada Toys for providing their Street Fighter Metals Die Cast 4″ Figures for review. 

Availability: April 2017


The first wave of figures is all that Jada Toys have announced at this point, but it is a strong wave as every figure in this line-up are core characters to the franchise. Bison and Guile are the leaders of their teams and two of the most iconic characters in fighting games (the same could be said about every Street Fighter character of the 90’s).

Bison is sculpted in his red uniform, with the bottom of the shirt raised up away from the legs as if wind is picking up blowing it upward. He also has silver shoulder pads, silver bracelets, silver boots, a red and black hat with a gold symbol on the front, a black belt with a gold belt buckle, black hair, white eyes and teeth. The lower portion of the shirt is made of plastic, as are the shoulder pads. The rest of the figure is made using die cast parts. The character is sculpted with his arms folded in his chest, as this is his fighting stance just before the fight begins.

Guile is sculpted in his green tank top, green army pants, black shoes, an American flag tattooed on both of his shoulders, a silver army tag around his neck, and yellow hair that has a flat surface on top, but has folds all the way around. His head sculpt is nicely detailed, with blue eyes, black pupils, and he is sculpted in a fighting stance with both arms fisted. The hair is made of plastic, and all other parts are die cast.


Ryu and Chun Li are two of the heroic characters that fight alongside Guile, and also have a great likeness to the game.

Ryu is sculpted in his white karate uniform, a black belt, red karate gloves, a red bandana on his head that also hangs down his back, black hair, and has black eye brows, brown eye balls and black pupils. There is some japanese writing on the tip of his belt, as well as the back of the gloves. The bandana that hands down his back is made of plastic, with the rest of the sculpt made using die cast. He is sculpted in a fighting pose with his bare feet spread apart, and his arms are raised in a defensive position.

Chun Li is sculpted in her blue top with gold trim on her neck collar and the front of her shirt, white belt, light brown pants, white boots, silver arm bracelets with spikes, white hair buns, brown hair, black eye brows, and brown eye balls with a black pupil.  She is sculpted in a fighting position with the right arm raised and fisted, and the left arm lowered and open, and both legs spread apart. What is made of plastic are the two straps of the hair buns that hang below it, and the bottom portion of the blue shirt. The rest of the figure is made using die cast.

All four figures features a swivel waist.


If you own both the Street Fighter, and X-Men Metals Die Cast figures (that we reviewed HERE), you will be able to display both franchises next to each other that also pays homage to one of our personal favorite video game crossovers of all time, X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Magneto vs. Bison was one of the most interesting matches of that decade. The game was released back in 1996 with a sequel in 1997, and you were able to tag in secondary characters of your choosing. Additional characters were in the game including Juggernaut, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Apocalypse, Sabertooth of the X-Men, and Ken, Zangief, Cammy, Dhalsim, and Akuma of Street Fighter. We came up with some pairings above based on what is currently available in the X-Man and Street Fighter Metals Die Cast line, and hopefully Jada Toys will get to more waves of these lines out soon. All of those characters mentioned would make great candidates to both Metals Die Cast lines, along with additional characters.

Overall, fans of classic Street Fighter of all ages will enjoy these collectibles.


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