JAKKS Pacific DC Comics Wonder Woman Movie 19″ Big Figs Review (Update)


JAKKS Pacific is offering a Wonder Woman Movie 19″ Big Figs collectible that includes a black cloak and lasso. Wonder Woman was previously announced at WonderCon 2017, and will be a limited edition collectible exclusively available at Wal-Mart.

Update – JAKKS Pacific just told us we had the wrong MSRP, and the figure will retail for $19.99 USD. Apologies to JAKKS and our readers.

Wonder Woman is based on her appearance as seen in the new film,. The film stars Gal Gadot as the Amazon warrior herself, Wonder Woman.

Thank you to JAKKS Pacific for providing their Wonder Woman Movie 19″ Big Figs for review.

Availability: April 2017 – Wal-Mart exclusive


Wonder Woman stands at 19″ tall and features a black fabric cloak with some nicely detailed curls in front, and a lasso that can be held in either of her hands. The fabric can cover most of his body when wrapped around, and is held together with a single piece of velcro at the top.


Underneath the cloak, are the strapless red, blue, and gold dress, silver bracelets, and red and gold boots as seen in the upcoming Wonder Woman film, and briefly on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The red and gold top is very detailed with sculpted lines and several different textures throughout the dress. The blue shorts are made with soft plastic, and almost cover up the underwear underneath. The red and gold boots have sculpted straps on the back, and also have some great paint apps applied to them. The silver bracelets, and gold arm band on her left arm came out very nicely, and while these are smooth, they have some sculpted patterns into the design.

The head sculpt itself looks really good with some makeup on the cheeks, sculpted texture on the hair with waves on the bottom, a head band on her forehead that is painted in gold, with some sculpted patterns at the center, and very nicely detailed paint apps on the eyes, eye brows, and mouth.


Wonder Woman includes seven points of articulation, including a swivel head, swivel shoulders, swivel wrists, and swivel hips. Included is the black cloak with a hood, and a lasso.

Overall, JAKKS Pacific have been coming out with some great selections and excellent detail on their Big Figs and other collectibles, especially in recent years. This Wonder Woman collectible with the cloak and lasso is a great addition to any DC collection. The cloak and lasso accessories are something new and this should be the version that you hunt for, especially considering its limited run. You can find her at Wal-Mart.