JAKKS Pacific Big Figs Tribute Series DC Originals 19-Inch The Joker Figure Review

JAKKS Pacific Big Figs Tribute Series DC Originals 19-Inch The Joker Figure Review


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JAKKS Pacific Big Figs Tribute Series DC Originals 19-Inch The Joker Figure


JAKKS Pacific limited edition DC Originals Tribute Series includes a 6 figure line-up that continues with the fifth release of The Joker, available on Amazon.com starting in April 2017. Harley Quinn was the first figure being offered in January, and The Flash (Barry Allen) in metallic ruby deco was available in February, Superman in soft goods was available in March, and Batman in 8-bit deco was available in April. Each figure in the series are limited edition with only a couple thousand pieces made, comes in exclusive packaging, and are each priced at $59.99.

The Joker is the latest figure to be revealed in this incredible series of Big Figs, and is also the first figure to come with an accessory in this line, a hat.

Thank you to JAKKS Pacific for providing their Amazon.com Exclusive Big Figs Tribute Series DC Originals 19″ The Joker figure for review.

Availability: May 1st, 2017 – – Amazon Exclusive

The packaging for the DC Originals Tribute Series Batman is numbered as Vol. 5, as he is the fifth figure released in the series, and Harley Quinn was Vol. 1, Flash was Vol. 2, Superman was Vol 3, and Batman was Vol. 4. The numbering is located on the lower left hand side as well as the sides. The packaging features The Joker comic book artwork on the cover as if he is running right out of the box itself, with individual comic book art behind him that also matches the inside of the packaging located behind the figure. Both of the sides and the back have Joker drawn on it, with a green and white color background for the box, with green, purple and orange Joker logo.



The inside flap is where JAKKS Pacific really got creative, with the introduction of comic covers by DC Comics of Joker, and other DC characters such as Harley Quinn and Batman of comic covers throughout the publishers history. Behind the 19″ Joker figure, there are blue and grey versions of the same comic covers printed in color. The Joker is securely tied to the package with twist ties on his feet and around his elbows. To remove him, you have to open the package, slide the inside back out out, and cut the ties.


The Joker stands at slightly over 20″ tall (due to his giant head sculpt) and is a repaint of the standard edition with real fabric/soft goods purple jacket and hat accessory. The new deco really stands out and look sharp with the jacket. The fabric part is over the plastic body, and the sleeves themselves are also fabric. In addition, there are buttons, and pockets that are just for show, and a belt in the back that could be tied around the front.

The new deco includes sa purple vest with sculpted lines underneath the fabric jacket, with a purple jacket under that made of plastic, yellow vest, a black undershirt, and an unusual looking white tie that looks like a shoe lace. The pants are made of plastic with the same purple deco as the jacket, and he wearing black and white dress shoes. Going back to the fabric jacket, there is some great tailing done on here especially around the edges, belt, and various locations such as the shoulders, wrists, and the pockets.

His head sculpt is extremely well done with and off white facial deco that is one of best paint jobs we’ve ever seen done on a Joker figure. The new deco also includes his icons green hair, green eye brows, red lipstick, green eyes with a black pupil, with a hint of yellow and purple around the eyes. The attention to detail is truly remarkable, and JAKKS designers really deserve a high appraise on a job well done on this one. Joker includes 7 points of articulation, including a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms, and swivel thighs. His hands are sculpted with two fists



The Joker is also the first figure to come with an accessory in the DC Originals line exclusively available on Amazon. He includes a hat that is also made of fabric, with the attention to detail sewing around the edges. The cape is purple and matches the jacket very nicely, with black trim around it.

Overall, JAKKS Pacific has done an incredible job on The Joker that far exceeds our expectations. With five down and one to go, the sixth and proposed last character is yet to be revealed, and we’re thinking the two candidates are either Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern. Whichever character it is, bring it on. This line is truly something special and we hope to see it have life beyond the planned six figures.

You can order him right now at the link below, and he is listed as in stock on Amazon.com starting May 1st, 2017.





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