DC Collectibles Reveals Artists Alley PVC Statues Coming In 2018


DC Collectibles have revealed a new assortment of their upcoming Artists Alley PVC Statues that are based on classic DC Comics characters such as Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and The Joker. There will be three artists working on the series, with seven characters planned for the line-up. Shown are the first five characters, which are planned for a 2018 release.

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Chris Uminga
Christopher Uminga is a Connecticut based painter and illustrator. With his two Boston terriers by his side, Chris has spent the last ten years developing a unique style that blends together creepy and cute . You can find the influences of classic movies, Saturday morning cartoons, graffiti and low brow/outsider art in his work. He has created art that can be seen on products ranging from comic books, backpacks to t-shirts and toys. Chris owns way too many baseball hats and is a long long suffering New York Knicks fan.

Hainan “Nooligan” Saulique
HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque is an artist, comic creator and graphic designer based in Sacramento, Ca. An old soul in a young body, HaiNaNu finds inspiration in times past. From the cartoons of his youth to films he missed by decades, from golden age comics to classic newspaper strips, you will find a creator who has immersed himself in the what he loves. His style is contemporary with a flare of nostalgia.

Sho Murase
Sho Murase is half Japanese & half Korean, grew up in Europe & has been living in San Francisco California during the past 10 + years. This mix of cultures is reflected in her work, merging asian, manga & western art influences with a personal dark twist. Sho has been working for advertising / animation/ entertainment industries, making style guides, pitch packages and design work. On her spare time she works on her personal art. Her artwork has been exhibited at the German Film Museum in Frankfurt and the Louisiana Modern Art Museum in Denmark, amongst other places.