Playmobil Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man & Ray Stantz Figures Review


This year, Playmobil caught fans by surprise with the announcement of their upcoming Ghostbusters line inspired by the 1094 film. This line brings back some of the most iconic sets of the 1980’s, including the Ghostbusters Firehouse, Ecto-1, and even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

This is one of six new sets offered by Playmobil this year, and they will be offering the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, Ecto-1, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with Ray Stanz, Slimer with Hot Dog Stand, Venkman and Terror Dogs, Spengler and Ghost.

Thank you to Playmobile and their PR team for providing the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man & Ray Stantz Figures for review.

Availability: May 2016


At long last, the Stay Put Marshmallow Man returns to store shelves, which fans haven’t seen the character get this type of attention in this size for decades in stores. The Stay Puft stands at at just over 7-1/2″ tall an depicts the likeness of the 1984 film. The figure is different compared to the Playmobil style of action figures, and is more accurate to the film. The red ribbon on the hat as well as the scarf has tampograph, and is given some detailed colors that makes it look like its popping off the flat surface. The hat is nicely detailed, and is rounded with the blue button on top, and the blue trim around the sides with the words Stay Puft. The head sculpt is nicely done, with the eyes and mouth sculpted. The shirt has some white trim around the edges, and is also curved on the front and back. The shirt is a separate piece that was attached just below the head. What is really neat is that Stay Puft has swivel shoulders and swivel wrists, which is unusual for a character like this to be articulated. This is going above and beyond for Playmobil, and the designers have done a terrific job here. The stomach is pear shaped, and the arms and legs have layers of marshmallow to capture the likeness. The feet and head are non-articulated, which is a shame as they did such a nice job on the shoulders and wrists.



Ray Stanz is sculpted using the Playmobil style, and is case in beige plastic for the uniform, with some nicely detailed tampograph creating the belt, pockets with zippers, name badge, marshmallow mess on the shirt, Ghostbusters logo on the right shoulder, elbow pads, black undershirt. The head sculpt is also playmobil style, and unless you look on the name tag, it is impossible to know that its Ray Stanz. The Ecto Goggles fit over the head nicely and comes in two pieces that have to be attached. Ray is also included with the Firehouse Headquarters, but does not come with the Ecto-Goggles and Marshmallow mess goo.

The proton pack requires assembly, and even though there are no instructions, it’s straight forward so you shouldn’t really have a problem putting it together if you look at our images. The proton pack is cast in black plastic with some grey and red details. The Neutrino Wand is re-imagined in this release, and looks like more of a rifle. It is connected to the proton pack using a rubber hose, and can also be stored to the pack by using the plug on the wand. The proton stream is nicely done and is a flat surface that extends several inches. The figure has no problem standing on his own with his arm extended to fire the stream. Ray stands at just over 2-3/4″, which is standard for Playmobil.

Overall, this is a nice looking set, and goes great with this years Ghostbusters offerings currently available.


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