Lootcrate DX January 2017 “Origins” Unboxing & Image Gallery

Lootcrate DX January 2017 “Origins” Unboxing & Image Gallery


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Lootcrate DX January 2017 "Origins" Unboxing & Image Gallery


Lootcrate DX offered an Origins theme back in January 2017, which was surprisingly delivered to us while attending G.I. JoeCon last week. This box set was likely sent out to pay tribute to the late Adam West, as this crate comes with an Adam West Batman bendable figure by NJ Croce.

Lootcrate has come a long way over the years and are now offering all kinds of limited edition subscription boxes to cater to all kinds of fans. Everything from pets, anime, gaming, and more. You never know what you’ll find inside your box each month, so make sure to subscribe to Lootcrate and start looting!

Thank you to Lootcate for sending their January 2017 DX box along for review, and we greatly appreciate their team for thinking of us.

Availability: January 2017


The first thing you notice when opening the box is the classic Transformers art that was drawn by Dreamwave Productions, which closed its doors in 2015. This was a good time to be a Transformers comic book fan, and the art and story telling was very good. If you can look past the controversy drawn up by Pat Lee in at the time regarding unpaid artists, this is a publisher that we wished had done things differently, as they had some of the very best talents working with them such as Simon Furman, James McDonough, Adam Patyk and others. This is artwork that really hasn’t seen the light of day since around the company shut down, so it’s nice to see Hasbro license it over to Lootcrate and to give it new lift.


The Art of Atari Capsule Hardcover Book is a Lootcrate exclusive, and features a collection of original art created for Atari’s video game dating back from 1972. The book includes 177 pages of artwork, with a brief description about the game.


The Superman and Batman Metal Signs are also exclusive to Lootcrate, and features the covers to Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27. The signs can be hung on a wall or displayed along with your comics, and features classic artwork of comic book covers that are considered two of most classic covers in DC Comics history.


The January 2017 Pin features the logo of Batman 1966. The theme “Origins” is written on the cardboard backing as well.


NJ Croce’s Batman 1966 5 pack includes bendable figures of The Penguin, Robin, Batman, Catwoman, and The Joker all based on the classic Batman television series. The detailed likeness of the figures are remarkable, and NJ Croce has truly been doing remarkable work on their bendable figures especially in recent years. Every aspect of detail is seen on the figures, from the clothing, facial details, paint apps, and even the capes on Batman and Robin look great. This set can be purchased on Amazon.com for $16.21 at this time.

A Lootcrate exclusive Optimus Prime Schematics long sleeve shirt is the second Transformers item other than the artwork. The shirt is nicely detailed and designed, and long time Transformers fans can wear this proudly, especially at conventions during the colder months. The artwork here is superb, and the detailed schematics definitely capture Optimus Prime’s likeness.

Overall, a great assortment of collectibles in the January 2017 crate.




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