JAKKS Pacific SDCC 2017 Star Wars Hildebrandt Darth Vader 20″ Big Figs Exclusive


JAKKS Pacific will be offering a San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Star Wars Hildebrandt Darth Vader 20″ Big Fig. Darth Vader is repainted from the standard retail release to look like Vader from the iconic 1977 Star Wars poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt. This figure has a vintage style vibe to it that resembles the Kenner line-up from that time. The figure features a swinging lightsaber by squeezing his legs together, which will also activate the lights and sound effects. Darth Vader will come in vintage style packaging featuring artwork from the poster.

JAKKS will be at Booth #2913 on the showroom floor, and will be offering this exclusive. Pricing is not available at this time.