JAKKS Pacific SDCC 2017 Exclusive Star Wars Hildebrandt Darth Vader 20″ Big Figs Figure Review


JAKKS Pacific is offering a San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Star Wars Hildebrandt Darth Vader 20″ Big Fig. Darth Vader is repainted from the standard retail release to look like Vader from the iconic 1977 Star Wars poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt. This figure has a vintage style vibe to it that resembles the Kenner line-up from that time. The figure features a swinging lightsaber by squeezing his legs together, which will also activate the lights and sound effects. Darth Vader will come in vintage style packaging featuring artwork from the poster.

JAKKS Pacific will be at Booth #2913 on the showroom floor, and will be offering this exclusive for $50.00 USD.

Thank you to JAKKS Pacific for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive Star Wars Hildebrandt Darth Vader 20″ Big Figs Figure for this first-look and review. 

Availability: July 19th-23rd, 2017 – JAKKS Pacific Booth #2913

The packaging for this years Star Wars exclusive by JAKKS Pacific is inspired by the 1977 movie poster and Darth Vader is inside a window box with artwork detailing the packaging. The front has Luke Skywalker holding a lightsaber with Princess Leia right beside him, with the classic Star Wars logo underneath them. The sides are different, with the left side showing C-3PO and R2-D2. The back has the classic Star Wars logo, with a description of the film, and artwork of Princess Leia, Luke Walker, C-3PO and R2-D2. The overall theme of the box is space and it shows stars all throughout the packaging. The inside cardboard also has stars, and Darth Vader is held securely with ties. This is one of the most details packages that JAKKS has ever done, and fits in nicely with the overall 40th Anniversary of Star Wars celebration.


Darth Vader stands at 20″ tall and is repainted to resemble the vintage 1977 Star Wars movie poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt. The figure is cast in black plastic, and highly detailed with blue deco made of up several shades to highly detailed blue deco that is just remarkable. The entire front of the figure has the blue shading, while the back of him as well as the soft goods cape are black. The blue deco is shown on the helmet, chest, arms and legs, with stars painted in the black areas of the figure. The blue shading is detailed in both light and dark, which also covers the technology on the chest and on his belt. The chest has the buttons in the box that is painted in black, silver, red and blue. The belt has two square shops on either side of the buckle, with silver, green and red buttons. The paint applications on this figure are remarkable, and JAKKS Pacific designers have truly outdone themselves on this one.



If you picked up the retail version of the figure that was completely cast in black, you will know about the features that this figure offering, including a swinging lightsaber by pressing the legs, sounds and light effects for the lightsaber. The feature is great, the voice commands and sound effects take you right back to the film. Aside from the swinging lightsaber that gives him plenty of articulation, the only aspect about the figure that is articulated by not using the feature is the left arm that can swivel at the shoulder and wrist. The lightsaber is not removable, and around his neck is a chain link that is attached to the cape.

Overall, this is one beautiful exclusive figure that every Star Wars fan needs to own. If you are going to SDCC this week, make sure to drop by the JAKKS Pacific booth and purchase one. For those of you not attending, your only alternative is Amazon and eBay as this will surely sell out during the convention.


JAKKS Pacific Booth #2913