Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series 3.75″ Exclusives In-Stock On Wal-Mart



As announced back at Sat Wars Celebration, Wal-Mart will no longer be the exclusive distributor of the highly detailed and articulated The Black Series 3.75″ line, which is long overdue as finding these exclusives in their stores as well as online proved to be an almost impossible task. Since this news was unveiled, it seems that some of these have been a little easier to find, at least on their website, such as Imperial Death Trooper and Sergeant Jyn Erso, which are currently listed as in stock at Walmart’s online store. If you check the site, you can pick up other figures such as Lando CalrissianAdmiral AckbarEmperor’s Royal Guard (available from third-party sellers, but keep checking as listings do pop back up) and others that were previously released.



What is also interesting to note is that in 2018, The Black Series 3.75″ figures will be available everywhere, and finding these will be a lot easier on fans looking to complete a collection. Thankfully, it sounds as though you will be able to pre-order sets and case assortments, so looking for that one figure will be easier than checking Wal-Mart periodically. Keep checking back as will continue to report of sightings and sales.