NECA Toys Aliens Series 11 – Blue Alien, Joan Lambert & Defiance Alien Figures Review


NECA Toys Aliens Series 11 is available now and includes the Blue Alien Warrior that is inspired from the classic Kenner figure, Joan Lambert from the original Aliens film, and a Defiance Alien as seen in Dark Horse Comics. In addition to this wave, the NECA Club x Alien promotion released the first three pieces of the 6-piece, over-3-feet-wide Space Base diorama for those that ordered through the Club site. The diorama is an added bonus to your purchase of Aliens Series 11, and was exclusive to the UK with certain Kenner action figures in the mid 1990s. To pay homage to this, NECA is bringing this diorama back and they increased the size of the set to be in scale with their 7″ Aliens action figures. The last three pieces of the diorama will be included with Series 12 if you purchase this set through the NECA Club x Alien.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing Aliens Series 11 for review. An extra set was purchased by us in order to showcase the diorama. 

Availability: July 2017




Each figure in the wave is packaged in the usual clamshell packaging as seen throughout most of the line. Each of the individual packaging features artwork based on the era that the figure is from. Joan Lambert uses artwork from Aliens, the Alien from Defiance uses artwork from the comic series, and the blue Alien Warrior uses artwork from the Kenner inspired line. The back of the packaging is also geared on the individual era of the figure.


As we mentioned above, the pop up 3D NECA Club x Alien space base diorama is a bonus if you purchased these from the NECA Store website. The display that comes with series 11 includes three different zones, including the Facebhuggers in jars, Main Control Deck, and a pop up of an Alien warrior. When all six pieces are together,  the Space Base extends over 3 feet in length and is 11” tall.


The line-up is a great mix of Alien figures from three different era’s of the franchise, and there is something for every Alien fan here. The blue Alien is a translucent version of the Big Chap Alien mold, and features a few new articulation enhancements added. Fans of the Kenner line will definitely want to add this figure to their growing collection. The Alien Defiance Xenomorph pays a great homage to the Dark Horse mini-comic, and features a great all new head sculpt packed with sculpted detail and incredible likeness. In addition, there is an extra row of teeth inside the mouth. The rest of the mold is reused from Alien Isolation Big Chap figure, and added some new deco including ark bronze, black and dark blue. Both Xenomorth figures stand at over 9″ tall and includes bendable tails, which are needed to help them balance and once the tail is placed on the ground, it’s easier to get them to stand. The Alien Defiance figure also comes with a small acrylic stand that isn’t much help.

Joan Lambert is based on the first Aliens film, and depicts a great likeness to Actress Veronica Cartwright. She is sculpted in the Nostromo Space suit that has been previously used, and includes nicely detailed paint apps. The articulation on the suit is limited, and she includes two heads, removable helmet and flashlight accessory. The helmet fits firmly on the head, and the accessories in her hand. There is also a holster loop for the blaster, but we found it difficult to get the blaster to stay on.

Overall, this is an excellent wave and something that every Alien fan will want. The best thing about the wave is the release of the diorama base through the NECA Alien x Club, which is definitely worth owning.




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