Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Lady Deadpool Figure Review


Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Lady Deadpool figure is available in stores and is the latest figure to be offered in this line. Lady Deadpool is based on her comic appearance and is from parallel Earth-301o. Wanda Wilson is a part of the rebellion against a fascistic US government, but she’s just as deadly as her 616 counterpart. Lady Deadpool comes fully geared with a bazooka, rifle, a knife, swords, a diorama base and even Headpool with a stand. Before anyone asks, we are aware the the bazooka is facing the wrong way on the image above, we just wanted to showcase the Deadpool logo on that side.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Marvel Select Lady Deadpool Figure for review. 

Availability: August 2017


Lady Deadpool first appeared in Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7 in March, 2010 and is from parralel Earth-3010. The figure stands at 6 1/2″ tall and is sculpted in her iconic red and black costume. The sculpt includes a chest harness with straps across the chest and back, and a holster with three bullets on the front on the torso. The shoulders have straps around them with cushions underneath the black straps that are also connected to the harness. The chest also has a black wash over some parts of the chest where there is red deco on the front and back. The belt includes a sheath for the removable knife, and also a sheath for another accessory on the other side, which appears to be able to store the rifle, but unfortunately the rifle is too big for it. The belt is loose fitting, and includes a rustic paint finish with brown wash over the black deco, and the belt buckle is painted in silver and black deco. The belt also includes pouches al the way around. In addition, there are straps around each thigh, with pouches connected to it. The knees are protected by knee guards and straps that are wrapped around the back, and the boots are painted in black with a red guard on top.

The head sculpt is nicely done and she is sculpted in her red mask, and black deco around the eyes, and white eyes. The long blonde hair comes out from around the back and has a texture to it. The articulation is very good and there are some great options for poses, especially with her accessories. The accessories include a bazooka that is painted in red and black, and has a Deadpool logo on the side. Also included is a rifle, a knife, two swords and a sheath that connected through a hole on the back, a base, and Headpool comes with a stand that connects to the base.


Headpool is the Marvel Zombies head of Deadpool, and is nicely sculpted and comic book accurate. The head is completely decomposed as the flesh is gone and all that remains are skeletal structors as seen on the mouth, and the top part of the mask remains. The neck showcases the spinal cord and where is was disconnected from the body. The detail looks almost life-like, and the detail done on the decomposing flesh is just amazing. The jaw is non-articualted, and the propellers can actually spin on top.


The diorama base is nicely detailed and sculpted, and includes two pegs for the feet to stand on, and two holes on either side so that the stand for Headpool can be placed on either one. At the center, there is a Deadpool logo, and the rest of the base is painted in silver and black wash.

Overall, this is a great figure and we especially love all of the great accessories, sculpted detail, likeness, and especially the fact that Headpool is included.


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