Bif Bang Pow! Batman 1966 & DC Comics Pin Mates Wooden Figures Review


Bif Bang Pow! has been rolling out some great releases in the past two years, with not just Pin Mates Wooden figures, but also playsets and vehicles that are in scale to them. Some of the DC released sets includes the Hall of Justice as seen in DC Comics, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, a Batmobile as featured in this review, and there are sure to be many more great surprises to come. In addition to films, they are also offering some of the DCTV characters to the Pin Mates collection, which are available in this review. Each of the properties that Bif Bang Pow! introduces in this line is in scale to each other, and you can have a dimensional crossover for your displays if you choose, which would be similar to LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity video games.

Recently, Scott Neitlich joined the Bif Bang Pow!/Entertainment Earth team and is on the helm of these Wooden figures. Scott is best known for creating the Masters of the Universe Classics line, as well as every product sold on Mattycollector for Mattel from 2009-2016. This includes DC Infinite Earths, Justice League Unlimited, Ghostbusters Classics, Masters of the Universe Mini’s, ThunderCats Classics, Ghostbusters prop replica’s, Back To The Future, and more. In 2018, fans can expect some big plans for this line, that will be announced during New York ToyFair 2018.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! for providing their a selection of DC Comics and Batman 1966 Pin Mates for review.

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Availability: 2016 & 2017



Batman Classic 1966 series includes iconic characters in Pin Mates form, including Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, King Tut, Catwoman, Egghead, Mr. Freeze, Jervis Tetch, The Joker, Dick Grayson, and Bruce Wayne. Featured in the gallery is Batman, with and without the batarangs, Robin, with and without the batarangs, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, King Tut and Catwoman. The batarangs are painted on Batman and Robin, which are held in their right hands. Batman and Robin are painted in their iconic costumes, which includes the blue and grey costume, with a yellow utility belt, and red, yellow and green costume for Robin. Commissioner Gordon is painted in his grey suit with a white undershirt, black tie and belt. Alfred is painted in his black suit, with a white dress shirt, black tie, and glasses painted around his eyes. King Tut has some excellent detailed deco, and is painted in his iconic Egyptian outfit, which includes a white, blue and gold deco. Cattleman version 2 (portrayed by Eartha Kitt), is painted in his blue and gold outfit, with a gold necklace and belt. Her head is covered in a black mask, and her eyes are painted in white.


Justice League Pin Mates are some of the most eye appealing in the Pin Mates line, as these are painted in classic comic colors and have great character likenesses. Shown are Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Shazam and Martian Manhunter. Green Arrow is painted in several shades of green deco for his costume, including his hat, and a black mask around his eyes. His bow is made of fabric, rather than just painted on, and is glued on. Black Canary is painted in her black and blue outfit, with a black and white necklace. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are painted in their yellow, red and green costumes, with a yellow and black mask, and the wings are made of fabric that are painted on their backs. Shazam is painted in his classic red, yellow and white costume, with the lightning bolt painted on his chest. Martian Manhunter is painted in green skin, with his blue and red costume.

Bif Bang Pow! expanded their DC line to the DCTV live action television series, which includes Supergirl, The Flash and Gotham Pin Mates. Featured in the gallery is Vartox, Supergirl, The Flash, Reverse Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Commissioner Gordon and Penguin. These pin mates are painted in more realistic style colors over comic, and have darker colors to resemble the outfits for the characters. Vartox is painted in a black jacket, with light and dark grey deco, and a black mustache and beard. Supergirl is painted in her dark blue, red and gold costume, with the “S’ logo on her chest. The Flash is painted in several shades of red, with his logo on his chest. Reverse Flash is painted in yellow, black and red deco, with red eyes, and his logo on his chest. Malcolm Merlyn is painted in dark grey, brown and black deco, with silver buttons, a belt buckle, and detail on his mask. Commissioner Gordon is painted in his dark grey suit, black tie and belt, and a blue dress shirt. The Penguin is painted in his dark grey coat, black vest, black tie, and a white shirt.


The Justice League Movie box set includes Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. The deco and detail on all of these Pin Mates looks incredible, and are painted with nice crisp lines showcasing the detail in the costumes that represent the character very well. The facial details are a bit basic, with black eyes and thin red lines for the mouth, but the hair and/or mask details help bring out the likeness better. At this time, this is the only set released from his film, and we’re hoping to see some of those awesome vehicles make it to the Pin Mates line. This set is missing Superman, but you can track down one of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Pin Mates and use that one.

Aquaman is painted in his gold and green costume, with nicely detailed black lines painted over it. His facial details include a brown beard and mustache. Wonder Woman is painted in red, blue and gold deco, with a gold crown on her head. The Flash is painted in red, black and silver deco, with his logo on his chest. Cyborg is painted in dark and light grey, red, and brown skin. Batman is painted in a dark grey and black batsuit, with a gold utility belt, and black mask. There is also his logo painted in black on his chest.

Overall, Pin Mates are fun to collect and display, these are becoming more popular as the line expands. Each one of these features great detail and deco. You can buy these yourself at the links above or below, along with many other Pin Mates that are available now.



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