Bif Bang Pow! Marvel & Batman 1966 Batmobile Pin Mates Review

Bif Bang Pow! Marvel & Batman 1966 Batmobile Pin Mates Review


This year, Bif Bang Pow! expanded their Pin Mates line with now just playsets and vehicles that are in scale with the wooden figures, but also with oversized figures such as Ant-Man and the Incredible Hulk. Some of the previous playsets that we recently reviewed was the Enterprise Bridge from The Original Series, and The Hall of Justice. In addition to these playsets and various Pin Mates also shown, they sent along some additional sets that you can check out below in this review. Each of the properties that Bif Bang Pow! introduces in this line is in scale to each other, and you can have a dimensional crossover for your displays if you choose, which would be similar to LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity video games.

Recently, Scott Neitlich joined the Bif Bang Pow!/Entertainment Earth team and is on the helm of these Wooden figures. Scott is best known for creating the Masters of the Universe Classics line, as well as every product sold on Mattycollector for Mattel from 2009-2016. This includes DC Infinite Earths, Justice League Unlimited, Ghostbusters Classics, Masters of the Universe Mini’s, ThunderCats Classics, Ghostbusters prop replica’s, Back To The Future, and more. In 2018, fans can expect some big plans for this line, that will be announced during New York ToyFair 2018.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! for providing their a selection of Marvel and Batman 1966 Pin Mates for review.

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Availability: 2016 & 2017



Introduced into this line was a new Batmobile based on its appearance in DC Comics, with new Batman and Robin Pin Mates that fit inside. The Batmobile is a convertible and is painted in a dark blue, as opposed to black versions of this vehicle as seen on the classic 1960’s Batman television series. It features rotating tires with the bat symbol on it, a batman logo on the sides, painted headlights, a turbo jet in the back, and bat wings on the back. The Batmobile, like the Pin Mates and everything else in this line-up is made of wood, and can hold two Pin Mates of your choosing. Keep in mind that everything is compatible to each other in this line, so you can place Captain America and Iron Man in the Batmobile (see above) or any other characters.

Batman and Robin are painted in their classic colors, which is shown in the classic Batman television series. The Penguin and Batgirl are also shown, and are painted as they appeared on the 1960’s television series. Additional classic heroes and villains are available, such as Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Egg Head, King Tut, and many other characters.



Captain America: Civil War was a theatrical hit in 2016, and had the Avengers face off against each other over a conflict with the Super Hero Registration Act as also seen in the comics. A full assortment of characters are available besides what is shown here, and Big Bang Pow! went above and beyond on their Ant-Man Pin Mates release, offering not only a standard sized version, but an XL and tiny Pin Mates. The large version of Ant-Man stands at 6″ tall, making him the largest Pin Mates offered in the line. The tiny version of Ant-Man stands just below 1″, and is one of the smallest Pin Mates release. This 2-pack is unique to anything else released in the line so far. Captain America and Iron Man are unmasked, and features battle damage paint apps, as opposed to the single releases are masked, and do not show battle damage. Black Widow is painted in her black outfit. All of these are nicely done, but Ant-Man’s giant sized Pin Mate is the best of the assortment.



Classic Marvel is always good to see on store shelves no matter what the product is, and is something that we actually prefer over the modern counterparts. Bif Bang Pow! is offering a great selection of these classic characters as they appeared decades ago, including a large Hulk, Green Goblin, and a somewhat more modern Mary Jane Pin Mates. The Hulk stands at just under 4″ tall, and like Ant-Man, he towers over other Pin Mates.There are two versions of Green Goblin on the market, this one, and a convention exclusive 2-pack that includes Spider-Man, and Green Goblin with a glider.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saw a full selection of Pin Mates from Bif Bang Pow, including this box set featuring all of the core members of the team. This box set includes baby Groot, Drax, Rocket, Gamora and Star-Lord (unmasked). The paint applications on these Pin Mates is nicely done and detailed as they appeared int he film. Groot grey and green deco for the bark details and fungus. Rocket is probably larger than he should be compared to the other Pin Mates, and the deco on the outfit is nicely done. Drax has the most detailed deco because of his tattoos, which is not an easy task to deliver on this. Bif Bang Pow!’s artists did amazing work on this design, including the facial tattoos. Star-Lord is painted in his Ravenger jacket, with dark grey details over the deco. Gamora includes a light and dark blue outfit with a brown coat over it, and long red hair in back. The outfit includes silver buttons, and a belt keeping everything in place. The design is surely unique, but a well done painted figure. Additional sets are offered from the film, such as a Milano Set with Masked Star-Lord and Yondu, and a masked Star-Lord Pin Mate.

Overall, These Pin Mates, and one’s like it are becoming more popular as the line expands, and each features great detail and a fun to display. You can buy these yourself at the links above or below, along with many other Pin Mates that are available now.



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