First-Look: Playmobil 9387 The Real Ghostbusters Zeddemore With Aqua Scooter Review


Following from last years Ghostbusters offerings that were based on the classic 1984 film, Playmobil is expanding the line to Ghostbusters 2, and The Real Ghostbusters sets. The Ghostbusters 2 sets are in stores now, and The Real Ghostbusters sets are coming in April 2018, and will include each of the Ghostbusters with a vehicle as well as a ghost. The Real Ghostbusters sets include Peter Venkmen with Helicopter, Egon Spengler with Cage Car, Winston Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter, and Ray Stanz with Skybike. The Ghostbusters have the land, sea and air covered with these sets that are inspired by the classic animated series of the 1980’s. Full details about this assortment can be found HERE, as well as can be pre-ordered now on Entertainment Earth.

The classic TV series and action figures are back with the Playmobil 9387 The Real Ghostbusters Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter! The creative toys from the 1980s have been revived as awesome, durable figures with cartoon-specific uniforms and original gadgets to stop ghosts from taking over New York. Winston brings his blue suit for the Aqua Scooter boat. It really floats, and includes flick-rockets to attack the ghostly octopus which changes color in hot or cold water.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their  The Real Ghostbusters Zeddemore With Aqua Scooter set for review.

Availability: April 2018


Winston Zeddemore features the likeness from The Real Ghostbusters with given the Playmobil figure style, and comes with a Aqua Scooter and an Octopus ghost that made of pink translucent vinyl. The Aqua Scooter can seat one figure, and features two firing proton blasters, and can store the ghost trap on the back. This set includes 37 pieces, with the Aqua Scooter being the primary focus of the set as well as Winston himself, and the Aqua Scooter can supposedly float, which is something that we did not try out.

The Aqua Scooter has mostly a white color scheme on the base with black red, dark blue, and yellow deco. There is also a light blue slime on the front and sides, as well as the Ghostbusters logo. The paint apps are nicely detailed with minimal bleeding on the vehicle. The proton blasters can swivel, and the figure fits perfectly on the seat even with his proton pack on.



Winston Zeddemore is painted in his blue uniform as seen on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and is sculpted in the Playmobil figure style. There some nicely detailed paint applications such as the buckle for the proton pack, pockets, collar, and belt that has accessories painted on. The right arm includes the Ghostbusters logo, and both arms includes elbow pads. Included with Winston is a proton pack, Neutrino Wand, PKE Meter, proton stream, and a ghost trap.



The Octopus ghost is nicely detailed and is made of a dark pink translucent vinyl, and the inside of his head has a blue piece that shows through the head. The eyes are painted in blue, and appear to be part of the same blue piece that is seen from the bottom. The Octopus is not articulated, but the tentacles can slightly bend and he can be placed on the Aqua Scooter.

Overall, The Real Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter and Octopus Ghost is a nice set that fans will love. Winston’s clothing has a nice likeness to his animated likeness, and fits in well with the overall collection. We hope to see more Real Ghostbusters sets in the future.


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