NJ Croce DC Comics Justice League 4″ Action Bendables Figures Review


NJ Croce is offering a new animated inspired line of DC Comics characters in their bendable lines, which includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Aquaman. John Stewart is only available in the box set, which is due out before the single figure offerings as specified. The Flash, Aquaman (not yet released), and the rest of the figures other than John Stewart are sold as singles, and these are the same figures without changes as in the box set.

Thank you to NJ Croce for providing their DC Comics Justice League 4″ Action Bendables for review. 

Availability: April 2018

Action Bendables is a new line-up by NJ Croce with an all new style of bendable figures, with the initial launch of these DC Comics figures based on classic Justice League action figures. These aren’t the only Action Bendable that NJ Croce has recently announced, as they will be offering a generic line-up with a soldier, a pirate, a alien, a mermaid, a ninja and a pony that can all be found HERE.


Over the years, NJ Croce has focused on comic and film accurate DC figures in their bendables offerings, with multiple different scales and styles. These figures are geared on a more animated appearance that aren’t necessarily based on anything, and are sculpted and painted in their classic costumes as seen in DC Comics. These figures are made of rubber, and this line-up includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart and Aquaman (not available in this review).

Superman and Batman each includes fabric capes, with Batman’s cape cut in swirls on the bottom and Superman’s cape is cut with a straight line at the bottom. Superman’s cape does not have the “S” logo, Each of the figures includes their classic logos on the chest, such along with their classic colors and costumes sculpted and painted in bright animated colors. On Batman’s utility belt, the paint apps are a bit off as the yellow deco doesn’t cover the entire belt on the front, but this will vary by figure as these are hand painted. Their head sculpts are disproportionate to their bodies, leaving their heads slightly larger than average. But again, these are animated inspired and re-created designs.


The paint applications on these figures are nicely done, especially the lightning bolts on Flash’s wrists and hips, as well as Wonder Woman’s stars on her shorts. The logo’s on their chests are also nicely done with nice crisp lines. Batman’s and The Flash’s head sculpts are masked, with bat wings on Batman, and lightning bolts on The Flash. Batman has white eyes, and a closed mouth, and The Flash has green eyes and an open mouth. Superman, John Stewart and Wonder Woman are unmasked, and each has black hair. Wonder Woman has the head band with a red star at the center, as well as blue eyes and an open smiling mouth. John Stewart has brown eyes and a smiling closed mouth painted with a black line, and Superman has blue eyes and a mouth sculpted on. He also has the one piece of hair on his forehead as seen in the classic comics.

Overall, this a great style for DC characters, and he bright paint applications and attention to detail on the sculpts makes these great additions to any DC collection. We especially like the fact that John Stewart, our favorite Earth Green Lantern was chosen over Hal Jordan, because lets face it, Hal usually gets the most attention of the Earth Lanterns. So this was a nice change and something unexpected.


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