Playmobil 9349 Ghostbusters Playmogram 3D Winston Zeddemore Figure Review


Playmobil is offering new Ghostbusters sets based on Ghostbusters 2, along with The Real Ghostbusters sets. We’ve previously showcased all of these figures, and The Real Ghostbusters sets will be in stores in April 2018. Fans looking to purchase these can pre-order everything on Entertainment Earth. For Ghostbusters 2, Playmobil is offering each of the Ghostbusters in dark grey uniforms, along with a new feature that requires the use of a mobile app, your phone, plus the accessories in this box as described below, to create a 3D feature.

There was also a bit of a delay on Winston, as opposed to Egon, Peter and Ray. Winston is available now to order at the hyperlinks below, and if you’re lucky to find him, he can be purchased in some stores.

Bring ghosts to life with the Playmobil 9349 Ghostbusters Playmogram 3D Winston Zeddemore! Interacting with a special app on your smart device (not included), this figure includes a special Ghost Trap pyramid which can be placed on your device to bring 3D ghost projections to life before your very eyes! Includes figure, trap, Proton Pack, and accessories. Requires free app download to use Playmogram 3D features.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Ghostbusters Playmogram 3D Winston Zeddemore Figure for review. 

Availability: March 2018


Winston Zeddemore is sculpted in the Playmobil figure style, and is painted in his dark grey uniform. The uniform includes great detail painted  over the grey, such as the the belt, name badge, zipper down his chest, coat pockets with zipper, pants pocket with zipper, elbow pads, and the Ghostbusters logo on the right shoulder. Winston is the only figure of the set based on Ghostbusters 2 to include the Slime Blower pack. which comes with a grey tank with two smaller green tanks on either side of it, and can connect to his beige jacket. The tubes are connected on the bottom of the tank, which connects to the side and back of the slime blower. Also included is a PKE Meter, stackable silicone slime slasher (pink slime), and a Ghost trap. A Sticker sheet is also included for the PKE Meter and the Ghost trap.


The 3D feature requires the use the mobil app, that can be downloaded to your phone or another device as long as it’s compatible. The mobil app has a program that allows you to choose one of four different ghosts (one of which is Slimer), and the app includes sound effects such as the Ecto-1 siren as the Ghostbusters on their way to capture ghosts. After choosing which ghost you wish to trap, the app suggests to increase the brightness of your phone, as well as to make sure the room is dark enough to work.


Once the ghost begins to float, place the 3D pyramid on the screen and watch as the ghost floats before your very eyes. There is also a ghost trap featured on the screen, and once you press it, the ghost gets sucked into the trap. Press it again to release the ghost.

This 3D feature is a very creative way to showcase a hovering ghost, and the app includes a lot of sound effects as the Ghost trap is being used, plus screams or noises coming from the Ghosts.

Overall, Winston Zeddemore is an excellent figure and a great addition the Ghostbusters line. The 3D feature is a fun way to capture ghosts, and offers fun play features for kids and collectors alike. The downside here is that you won’t be able to display the hovering ghost on your toy shelf, as opposed to a plastic figure.


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