NECA Toys Predator – Bone Throne Diorama Review


NECA Toys long awaited Predator Bone Throne is available now and fans looking to expand their Predator display can enjoy this incredible piece. The Bone Throne is meant for the Clan Leader Predator, and goes nicely with the temple guard Predators as well as the Temple Pillar.

The Bone Throne is the latest in their diorama offerings as NECA Toys continues to offer some of the best collectibles in scale with their 7″ Predator figure series. This Bone Throne is for the most respected member of a clan that can be seated upon this throne, which is crafted from the bones of their most worthy opponents such as an Alien Queen, Xenomorphs, human and various other creatures throughout the galaxy that they have fought and killed. This Bone Throne is loaded with sculpted detail that long time and new fans coming into this line will love, and makes a perfect centerpiece to any Predator toy collection.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their  Predator – Bone Throne Diorama for review.

Availability: April 2018



The Predator Bone Throne Diorama stands at roughly 13″ tall and made of resin, and is scaled to fit NECA’s Predator 7″ figures, but can also seat figures that are taller that are up to 9″ or so. The Bone Throne is made up of many skulls from various creatures, including an Alien Queen skull that makes up the back of the throne, with the skulls of Alien Xenomorphs as the arms of the chair, and skulls and bones of many other creatures such as humans sculpted on the sides of the chair. Each of the skulls looks excellent and realistic, with every bit of sculpted detail that you would expect from a realistic skull such as eye holes blacked out, mouths and teeth, and more.



Each of the skulls are painted in an off-white with black deco as the interior of the skulls, or the space between them, which must be a substance the Predators used to stack the skulls on top of each other and to keep the throne from falling apart. The Alien Xenomorph and human skulls are the easiest to identify, which the Xenomopth skulls makes up the arms for the chair, and the human skulls are placed in various places around the throne, as well as the back of the Alien Queen’s skull.


The human skulls on the back of the Alien Queen skull have a total of six skulls, and the eye holes are what is used to place the Alien Queen “fins” on the back. On the top of the “fins” are ball joints, and these go into the eye sockets of human skulls, which are then ball jointed so that the “fins” can move around a little. This part is extremely fragile, so make sure to be extra careful when placed the “fins” on and off, as well as moving them around.

The Alien Queen skull is just as realistic looking as the rest of the skulls, which includes the spine and other details on the back of the throne.



The Predator Bone Throne is meant for only the most worthy and the most respected leaders of each clan, including the Predator Clan Leader as shown above. If you’ve been collecting this line for years, you will probably own all of the necessary figures that should be seated on this throne, and these figures use many of the same parts, so each one will be compatible with the throne.



Overall, the Predator Bone Throne is an excellent diorama piece and NECA Toys has once again truly offered another great collectible that fans will love. The Bone Throne is one of the most detailed toys that they have ever released, which says a lot as each one of their figures looks great as well. Fans jumping into his line as well as long-time collectors will love this display piece, and makes a perfect attraction for any Predator or Alien toy collection.


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