Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Wal-Mart Exclusive Thanos Figure Available For Store Pick-Up are accepting in-stock pick-ups for the hard to find Marvel Legends 6″ Wal-Mart Exclusive Thanos Figure by Hasbro. This figure is listed for $18.84. This is the metallic deco version of Thanos.

You can order yours right HERE. Free in-stock pickup options are available (and varies on store location and availability), but there is NOT an option for shipping! Type your zip code in to check availability. We will update if and when he is available to ship.

Armed for war, Thanos wields the Infinity Gauntlet and plots to take over the galaxy. With the Marvel Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. This 6-inch Thanos figure is highly articulated and feature a movie-inspired design, making it another worthy addition to the Marvel Legends Series.