LEGO DC Superheroes 76096 Superman & Krypto Team-Up Set Review


LEGO’s DC Superheroes lineup continues to offer great sets inspired by the pages of DC Comics. This set includes the fan-favorite bounty hunter Lobo, along with Superman and a new mini-figure of Krypto. This set includes 199 pieces and comes with Lobo’s space Hog bike, a Kryptonite prison for Superman, and 10 translucent green Power Burst elements that allow for customizable builds and mini-figures.

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Join Krypto™ the Superdog’s bid to release Superman™ with this LEGO® DC Super Heroes Superman & Krypto Team-Up set, featuring Lobo’s Space Hog bike, a Kryptonite prison, buildable red Energy Infuser and assorted translucent-green Power Burst elements to customize your builds and minifigures. Fire the Space Hog bike’s stud shooters and use its bomb-dropping function to activate the prison’s explode function. This cool superhero toy for kids includes 2 minifigures and a Krypto the Superdog figure.

  • Includes Superman™ and Lobo™ minifigures, plus a buildable Krypto™ the Superdog figure.
  • Lobo’s Space Hog bike features a minifigure seat, 2 Kryptonite stud shooters, bomb-dropping function and 2 adjustable boosters.
  • Kryptonite prison features 2 translucent-green prison walls and an explode function.
  • Use the bomb dropped from Lobo’s Space Hog to activate the prison’s explode function.
  • Includes 10 assorted translucent-green Power Burst elements to customize your builds and minifigures.
  • Also includes the buildable red Energy Infuser.
  • Krypto™ the Superdog figure is new for January 2018.
  • Connect the Kryptonite prison to the 76097 Lex Luthor™ Mech Takedown set for even more Justice League action.
  • This cool superhero toy for kids is suitable for ages 6-12.
  • Space Hog measures over 3” (9cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide.
  • Kryptonite prison measures over 2” (7cm) high, 4” (11cm) wide and 1” (5cm) deep.

Availability: January 2018


The Superman and Krypto Team-Up has two primary construction sets, the Kryptonite prison, and Lobo’s space Hog bike. The Kryptonite prison is compatible with the mech suit that comes with 76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown set. The back of the box shows that this prison fits on the mech suit, and forms as one piece.




The Kryptonite prison features two walls that can hold Superman in place, as well as computer consoles on either side of it and kryptonite crystals sticking up from them. The walls can pivot, meaning they can open and close in the front and back. This part of this set also has an exploding function, with a smaller piece as shown in the last pic above, fits underneath the doors, and slides right up under it and free Superman from his prison. This piece also fits inside Lobo’s bike, and is referred as a bomb that drops down from the bike to activate the exploding function.



The Superman mini-figure itself has been seen before in this line, and includes two alternate facial expressions on either side of his head, a fabric red cape, and very detailed paint apps that makes a great mini-figure. Krypto is brand new and never offered before, and comes in a walking pose with one leg up, a fabric red cape, and a yellow collar with a “S” symbol on the tag.


What made this set worth the purchase for us, was Lobo with his space Hog bike. The bike is nicely designed and definitely makes the set worth the purchase. It includes teeth and a skull on the front with a sticker that makes up the eyes and nose, two firing missiles, a handle bar for Lobo to gran onto, engines on the sides and back, and three green pieces sticking out of the engines that looks like kryptonite. The engines on the sides are also hinged, so that they can be lowered or raised. The exhaust pipes are also hinged, and these are painted in gold. There is two triangular pieces that are made of soft plastic, which one comes out behind the skull, and the other behind the seat. The piece in the back also has a hinged joint so that it can be raised right behind Lobo.


Lobo himself looks great, and includes two alternate facial expressions, as well as detailed deco that makes him the details in his chest and clothing. He also has a chain necklace painted on, and a belt with a belt buckle.

Overall, this is a fun set, and DC Comics fans and LEGO builders will definitely want to check this one out. Lobo with his space Hog bike makes the set worth getting, and we especially like the fact that the Kryptonite prison is compatible with the mech suit for Lex as mentioned above.