Mattel WWE Elite Retrofest Collection Macho Man Randy Savage Figure Review


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Mattel launched a new line of WWE Elite Retrofest figures consisting of Macho Man Randy Savage, which is available now, and Shawn Michaels, coming in August, as part of their ongoing 6″ Flashback collection. These figures are exclusively sold at GameStop and retail for $29.99 each. The word RetroFest is a term based on the old WrestleFest WWF arcade game, and if you’re old enough to recall this arcade game then you’re old enough to recall how difficult some of these games were to play at the time.

Macho Man Randy Savage is based on his appearance from the early 1990’s in his USA attire, and features an arcade machine-shaped packaging that is sure to capture the hearts of fans from that era that remember the arcade games and classic outfits on wrestling superstars at the time. Shawn Michaels was also announced, and he is based on his tag team “The Rockers” attire of the early 1990’s.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their WWE Elite Retrofest Collection Macho Man Randy Savage Figure for review. 

Availability: June 2018


Macho Man Randy Savage’s packaging features the look and design of a classic arcade game with buttons, knobs and a coin slot. The packaging pays a great tribute to the classic game of the WWF that so many children played with and spent many hours and quarters on this classic game. Macho Man is featured on both sides in this USA outfit and there the wording on top reads WWF (now WWE) RetroFest. On the back, is his bio such as height, weight, place of birth, signature moves and finishing move.


Macho Man is part of the 6 1/2″ line, and stands just shy of 7″ with the hat on. Over the years, Macho Man wore many memorable outfits that were all unique to him, with some standing out more than others as well as being more memorable. This USA outfit certainly stands out to us and the entire design is painted in red, white and blue with stars and stripes designed on the pants, shirt, hat and sunglasses. The hat, sunglasses and shirt are removable and he’s ready to enter the ring with just the white and red striped pants and boots.

The hat and shirt are made of a soft bendable rubber and are easily removed. The sunglasses are made of a hard plastic and there are grooves on either side of his face so that the shades can fit in between the head and hair. The shirt can be removed from the back, which reveals his chest and back as he’s ready to begin the match. The shirt is mostly blue with a big white star on the front and back, and the shoulders are white with red stripes. The hat is mostly red with white stripes, and the top part of it is blue with five white stars. The shades have blue with white stars on one side, and red with white stripes on the other, and the trim around it is white. The pants and boots are red and white stripes, with the sides of the boots are blue with white stars on the inside, and the word USA on the outer sides. His wrists are covered in white bandages, as are his knuckles.

The figure includes a muscular sculpt that has previously been seen in this line, along with a head sculpt that features a good likeness to the character that has also been used before. The hair on his head, mustache and beard is painted brown, and he has good facial details.

The articulation is standard for the line, which includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ab crunch, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double hinged knees, swivel boots/calves, and hinged rocker ankles.

Overall, the USA edition of Macho Man Randy Savage is a great looking figure that’s more than worthy of adding to your toy shelf. We especially love the packaging design as well as the costume. Look of him in stores now, and shop at as they have both Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels on the site.

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