Hasbro G.I. JoeCon 2018 – Vehicle Design, Prototyping And The Discarded With David Kunitz Panel Video Coverage



At JoeCon 2018, G.I. Joe Legend David Kunitz goes into an in-depth description of some of his G.I. Joe vehicle creations of the 1980’s and 1990’s. This includes some iconic vehicles such as the Cobra B.U.G.G., Locust, Scrambler, The Defiant space shuttle, Despoiler, Barracuda and many other great vehicles from that line.

Official panel description:

Vehicles were the heart and soul of G.I. Joe for many years. They provided the most revenue and profit for the product line, allowing the brand to stay on the shelf for a very long time. You will see some rarely (and some never seen) images of products in the G.I. Joe 3 3⁄4” line from 1984 – 94. Some made it to the shelf and some did not. Learn about vehicle design, how decisions were made and how prototype models were built. There may even be a giveaway or two!

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Many of these vehicles can be purchased on eBay.com. Just make sure to purchase from a seller with good feedback.