Hasbro G.I. JoeCon 2018 – Final JoeCon Panel Announces New Figures, Hall Of Fame & Our Final Thoughts



The final JoeCon panel took place at 2pm EST today, and our very own Shawn was on hand covering the event for us. He has sent over a video showcasing 12 new figures coming out this year. These are not part of the Figure Subscription Service, and will be offered as 2-packs instead. This also includes Zartan and a Cobra Ops figure 3-pack featuring female figures.

The breakdown of figures from the video as are following:

  • Barbecue and Low-Light (Sgt. Slaughter’s Marauders – matches box set) 2 pack
  • Adventure Team Black Spider Rendezvous and Coils o’ Doom – new Scottish bad guy 2 pack
  • Sonic Fighters Dodger and Sonic Fighters Cobra Viper 2 pack
  • Sonic Fighters Falcon and Sonic Fighters Road Pig 2 pack
  • Tiger Force (European) Hit ‘n Run and Tiger Force (European) Psyche-out 2 pack
  • Tiger Force (European) Tunnel Rat and Tiger Force (European) Blizzard 2 pack

This news also includes new inductees into the G.I. Joe Hall of Fame, including Larry Latham, David S. Lane, and the owner of Fun Publications and show runner of JoeCon himself Brian Savage. Brian has worked on G.I. Joe longer than almost anyone else, and has offered fans so many great figures, vehicles and other collectibles that Hasbro never would have been able to do otherwise.

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The images of the figures, and the file cards come from ToyHypeUSA staff member Shawn.

Everyone will miss JoeCon. Over the years friendships were made and people won’t be able to see their friends like this each year. We’re hoping to see this community again in the future such as HasCon, and we’re hopeful that Hasbro can pull in the BotCon and JoeCon attendees by offering something special for each brand.