Playmates Toys San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Hyper-Phase Voltron Exclusive Box Set Review

Playmates Toys San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Hyper-Phase Voltron Exclusive Box Set Review


Playmates Toys is offering a San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Hyper-Phase Voltron Box Set that will see distribution through Previews and Entertainment Earth, along with other vendors. This set features the five lines that can combine to form the mighty Voltron, and includes some repainted and retooled parts compared to last years individual offerings that we previously reviewed. This set is the latest offering in the collection, and also joins the 1980’s Classic Voltron that was released this year. If you’ve missed the news, we also reported that the 5″ basic figure collection is done, and Playmates Toys will not be continuing that line or offering more figures to that collection.

In the past two years, Playmates Toys has been offering fans a great selection of Voltron action figures, roll play and other collectibles that are based on the current series airing on Netflix, and this SDCC exclusive is based on some of the latest episodes from Season 6. The Hyper-Phase Voltron  allows Voltron and the lions to travel a great distance in a very short amount time, and this is a similar meaning to the terms hyperdrive and transwarp drive, as both Star Wars and Star Trek fans will know. The new blue deco on the lions, the new wings on the black lion, and Voltron’s combined form shows the new Hyper-Phase ability as seen on the show.

Hyper-Phase Voltron is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide and is priced at $129.99 USD. He comes in a carrying case box set with a handle, to allow for easy carrying at the convention. Each of the red, green, blue and yellow lions include a new projectile launcher that is different than what was previously offered, and the black lion includes new Hyper-Phase wings.

Available from the following San Diego Comic Con vendors:

  • ThinkGeek/Gamestop – Booth 3349
  • Toynk Toys – Booth 815/4437
  • Entertainment Earth – Booth 2343
  • Trendsetters/Sure Thing Toys – Booth 4730

Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2018 exclusive Hyper-Phase Voltron Box Set for review and a first-look.

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con 2018



The packaging is a window style box with a flap to reveal the inside contents, and the box also has a handle on top allowing for easy carrying on the convention floor. The box also has artwork and detailed images of the five lions and the assembly to form Voltron.




The Hyper-Phase Voltron figure is a repaint and retool of last years individually offered Voltron lions, and each of the five lions includes new deco and accessories that are exclusive to this box set. The black lion is given new wings for the Hyper-Phase speed to travel great distances in space in a short amount of time, and each lion is also given new blue and black deco on the body, including blue deco on the eyes, and blue stripes over the black deco on the body. The five lions also maintain their iconic colors, and the new deco is also an enhancement over the previous offerings. The lions maintain their articulation, including a swivel tail that are made of soft plastic, hinged and swivel necks, hinged and swivel waist (with the exception of the black lion), swivel shoulders and hips, hinged knees and hinged ankles. The jaws can also open allowing the lions to hold an accessory such as Voltron’s sword. While the black lion has new wings that can swivel out to the sides or remain standing up on his back, the rest of the lions are given new projectiles and launchers on their backs that are each unique and new to this set. The red and green lions include both pieces of Voltron’s sword, and the green lion includes the shield that is also repainted in black and blue deco. The red lion has three firing discs, and the blue, yellow and green lions have projectiles. The launchers fit onto the bodies of the lions in a very similar way as last years offerings, and are also easily removed.

The five lions also have the compartments that allow storage of the tiny ships, which can be stored on the backside of the doors.

Voltron keeps his electronic lights and sounds and phrases can be said when assembling him. The box states that there are 50 different phrases and sound effects, and it sounds like the actors from the show reprise their roles with the phrases.


Voltron stands at 16″ tall and the assembly is the same as last year, as the tooling and sculpting is the same on the main parts of the body and limbs. The new wings can swivel up and down and and are made of a translucent blue plastic. The head and chest are also repainted with new blue deco as that is the theme of this set, and the head The neck is hinged, and can move back and fourth, but cannot swivel or turn. The lions forming the limbs make up the arms and legs. His articulation also includes swivel shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel lion heads/hands, swivel hips, hinged knees, and hinged ankles/lion heads. Voltron’s sword can fit inside the mouth of the red or green lion, and the shield can be placed on the left shoulder/green lion.



Overall, Voltron is an excellent figure that fans will love. We are especially pleased with the new deco, projectiles for the lions and wings on the back of the black lion, and if you’ve been watching the show, you’ll know that this version of Voltron appears in the latest episodes (season 6). Depending on how passionate of the brand you are and if you can obtain one, you’ll definitely want to add this to your collection.

Hyper-Phase Voltron has a limited production run of 3000 pieces, and is exclusive at this years San Diego Comic-Con 2018.


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