LEGO Super Heroes 76095 – Aquaman Black Manta Strike Set Review


LEGO’s newly released Aquaman Black Manta Strike is based on the new live-action Aquaman Movie and includes Black Manta’s sub, and mini-figures of Aquaman, Mera and Black Manta. This set includes 235 pieces, with most of those being used to make the submarine, and has a price point of $29.99. This appears to be a popular set right now, and we can only find an in-stock listing at the LEGO Shop.

Join forces with Aquaman™ and Mera™ and battle Black Manta™ for the treasure in LEGO® DC Super Heroes 76095 Aquaman: Black Manta Strike, featuring Black Manta’s submarine, with an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 6-stud rapid shooter and 2 engines. This set also includes a buildable underwater scene with 2 detachable treasure elements, 3 minifigures with trident, sword and Power Blast weapons, plus a shark figure to role-play battles from the Aquaman movie and create your own Atlantis adventures.

  • Includes 3 LEGO® DC Super Heroes minifigures: Aquaman™, Mera™ and Black Manta™, plus a shark figure.
  • Black Manta’s submarine features an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 6-stud rapid shooter and 2 engines.
  • Underwater scene features seaweed elements and 2 detachable gold-colored treasure elements.
  • Weapons include Aquaman’s trident and Power Blast, Mera’s Power Blast and Black Manta’s sword.
  • The LEGO® DC Super Heroes Aquaman™, Mera™ and Black Manta™ minifigures are new for August 2018.
  • Role-play exciting underwater scenes from the Aquaman™ movie.
  • Black Manta’s submarine measures over 1” (4cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 9” (25cm) wide.


Thank you to LEGO for providing their Aquaman Black Manta Strike Set for review. 

Availability: August 2018

The LEGO Super Heroes – Aquaman Black Manta Strike Set is inspired by the new Aquaman movie and includes mini-figures of Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta, and a shark (the shark resembles the one’s used in previous sets, such as the now classic LEGO Pirate offerings of the early 1990’s). This set includes 235 pieces and comes with a detailed Black Manta’s submarine set that is the primary vehicle offered.


The new mini-figures of Aquaman, Mera and Black Manta are nicely stylized with great colors highlighted the details in their costumes. Aquaman is in his gold and green outfit with black lines detailing this chest, back and legs. He includes two facial details on opposite sides of his head, and long brown hair. Included is a water effect and a staff. Mera is in her aquamarine shirt and pants, with metallic blue on the front and back of her chest, and front of her legs, with black lines giving it detail as seen in the movie, along with a gold symbol. Her head includes two facial details on opposite sides, and light brown hair. Included is a water effect. Black Manta is mostly cast in black, and includes silver lines giving his chest and back details, and some red stripes on his ribs, and red eyes in the helmet. The helmet is the primary head sculpt, and includes the two tubes in the back. Included is a sword in dark grey. The shark is nicely done and includes a hinged jaw, and he has black deco detailing the eyes with white pupils. The shark stands on the underwater base with a plant and various other objects.



Black Manta’s submarine is designed to resemble a stingray, and includes an opening cockpit allowing Black Manta to fit inside, spring loaded missiles, and a 6-stud rapid shooter in the front. This is primarily black, with some dark grey and red pieces. The cockpit features a steering wheel (which is an off choice as its not a boat) as opposed to a control panel. There are some panels on the sides that are made of pieces and the use of the sticker sheet, and the back looks to be a storage place for the sword. The windshield is made of translucent red plastic, which is dark enough so you can’t see the figure inside. The back tail is made of a soft plastic, which can bend.

Overall, you can’t go wrong given the price point and what you get for the money, three new mini-figures, s shark, and this submarine is a terrific value. We particular like how well designed the submarine looks as well as Black Manta. LEGO DC fans are sure to want to pick this up, which appears to be a popular set right now.