NECA Toys Friday The 13th Ultimate Part 5 “Dream Sequence” Jason Voorhees Figure Review


Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning follows the events of Part 4, where Tommy Jarvis and other teens are inside a hospital, where Jason tracks Tommy down. This version of Jason Voorhees comes with four different interchangeable head sculpts, including a bloody mask, resurrection mask, grave mask and a special mask based on the one-sheet poster, along with an assortment of accessories including machete, axe, ice pick, and tombstone. In addition, he includes a bonus left hand with split fingers that can be used with this figure or the Ultimate Part 4 Jason. NECA Toys has been on fire with these new Ultimate editions of these figures with updated articulation, and these figures are all unique and keeping things new and fresh to the toy aisle. Horror fans have been in for a real treat with these figures, and if you haven’t been following what they’re doing, you really need too as you’re surely missing out on some of the best figures on the market.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Friday The 13th Ultimate Part 5 “Dream Sequence” Jason Voorhees Figure for review. 

Availability: September 2018

Jason Voorhees is packaged in a window box with an opening flap as previously seen in all of NECA’s Ultimate figures. The cover includes artwork showcasing Jason’s hockey mask, and Tommy Jarvis, and there is a bio on the back with detailed images of the figure inside.


Jason features a re-used figure sculpt from the Ultimate Friday The 13th Part 4 Jason Voorhees Figure, and is sculpted in his dark green shirt and grey pants. The clothing includes realistic folds and there is a dark wash over the clothing to make it look dirty. The hands also have a black wash on them, and given the fact that he was buried, it only makes sense he would have dirt stains. The fingernails are also long and nicely detailed to look like they do in the film.



This figure stands out the most because of his four unique hockey mask head sculpts that features a non-removable mask, so each mask is sculpted on the head. These head sculpts include a bloody mask, resurrection mask, grave mask, and a special mask based on the one-sheet poster, that is painted in a bright white, black details and red eyes. Each of these masks have enough to differentiate themselves from each other. The resurrection mask and the grave mask are painted similar, with the biggest difference is the worms coming from the eyes in the grave mask. The bloody mask is painted in beige with red blood coming down the mask due to the axe in the head. This feature has been done on multiple Jason figures before, but it’s always a great touch to any of these figures.

Jason also includes a machete, an axe, ice pick, a tombstone, and an alternate left hand sculpt with split fingers , and the split inside the fingers has blood paint applications that looks realistic. The tombstone has realistic looking wood boards with the words Jason Voorhees painted in white across it, and the base has sculpted texture of the dirt. The boards are held in place by smaller pieces of wood in the back, that have nails detailed and painted.



Overall, Jason Voorhees is an excellent figure with superior detailed likeness and paint applications. The four head sculpts are all great additions to this release, and we particularly like the details on the grave and the rest of the accessories.


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